Caprica: 1.07 "The Imperfections of Memory " (open spoilers)

Spoiler-free first post.

Liked it. Another continuation episode, with no major revelations, except that Daniel Greystone approached the robot and asked if it was Zoe.

Well, Sister Clarice slipped up and starting talking to Amanda as if she were a monotheist too. Assuming Amanda remembers it the next day she’s going to start wondering about who wondering about Clarice’s sudden interest in her and Zoe.

So… anyone else thinking Dead Brother may be the first Head!Being (as in BSG) we’ve seen on Caprica?

I am officially fed up of hearing about God. It ruined Galactica in the end and it is scuppering this before it could even get off the ground.

Well, the origin of monotheism seems like a pretty big idea in BSG. If you thought it ruined BSG, I’m not sure what to expect from Caprica.

I thought Clarice was trying to convert Amanda, not that Amanda already believed.

Hmm, according to the Battlestar Wiki the Delphi Convalescent Institute is the same place as the “farm” were Kara Thrace was held captive in The Farm. It might just be a case of using the same location, but it’s a nice detail if they’re both meant to be the same place. I know that Club-V is also the Opera House.

Cool. I hope that is intentional.

I voted “Liked it” this week.

Couple of nice shoutouts to BSG in this ep–the picture wall for victims of the bombing, and Amanda giving the “All of this has happened before” mantra. Also seems like the Cylon ability to project virtual fantasies derives from the holo-band integration Zoe achieved.

Gamer geek-cred for the kid guiding Joe Adama getting killed on the equivalent of a “Perma Death Server”.

Gee, I wonder if Ron Moore favors legalizing marijuana. He’s getting kinda hamfisted with it, even if I agree in principle.

Wonder if Amanda and Clarise are gonna give us some girl-girl action before too long?

I like the Mk 0 Viper.

Ruined it in the end because it got bogged down in it and, frankly, very little of what was said made much sense. But there was other drama in Galactica to concentrate on. There could be as well in Caprica, but they don’t seem to be pushing it very much.

Basically as soon as God is brought up in either show the dialogue si done in an extremely ham-fisted way.

Frankly, whenever God is brought up in real life the dialog becomes rather ham-fisted. I don’t think that’s just a flaw of the show. Anyway, I liked the ending of BSG, even though I would have preferred a little more ambiguity regarding God and the head-people. And it was obvious from the pilot - heck, from the concept - that God, or at least religion, was going to be a major part of the show. I don’t see how it could have been otherwise. It was made clear in BSG, wasn’t it, that the centurions were monotheists even before the Earth-cylons got there.(I don’t know if anyone cares about spoilers for BSG, but I know some folks here haven’t watched it all.)

Regarding the legalization of marijuana, they don’t seem to be portraying it in a very positive light. And it does seem pretty much in keeping with Caprican culture as we’ve seen it.

My questions: how did the worker at the memorial recognize Clarice as a Sister? And is it odd for a Sister to be getting stoned off her ass? I mean, it’s legal, but it seems to be regarded as a bit disreputable. In our society, priests drink, but you wouldn’t expect to see one getting soused in a bar, would you?

I wondered about that too. :confused: She doesn’t seem to wear any special clerical clothing. Maybe it’s her necklace? Is the drug in the dive bar supposed to be kamala? Because it was established on BSG that clergy do use it in religious ceremonies, but that’s not what Clarice is doing. Like you said it’s the difference between communion and getting drunk in a bar.

Worst. Escort Mission. Ever.

Recognized her from a STOner party?