Caprica: 1.09 "End of Line" (open spoilers)

Mid-season finale tonight. No more new episodes until late summer/early fall.

Uh, am I the only one who has no memory of the part of the “previously on” where the religious lady said that Barnabas was trying to replace her as leader of STO?

Was that really in an episode?

Huh. So much for the “no point but male-eyecandy” characters, I guess.

I do not believe Amanda Greystone is dead. Are we supposed to believe that?

Wow. I’m glad the body count was not higher.

Did the STO put the bomb in the wrong car? :confused: Clarice Willow wasn’t even on the bridge when the bomb went off, she was looking up at it.

Uh, the bomb was in her trunk, but she had gotten out of the car to watch Amanda Greystone jumping off the bridge.

So, the bomb killed the guy in the car(I guess) and she survived.

By the will of God. :wink:

She saw Amanda up on the bridge, ready to jump, and so got out of the car (to look? to stop her? dunno). Therefore she was not in the car when the bomb went off, leaving only hunkhusband dead (I think).

Nice simulpost, Lightray. I love that both of us aren’t sure if the dude was still in the car. :slight_smile:

Oh, I voted liked it, by the way.

I feel the Joseph/Tamara search was wrapped up way too quickly and without enough emphasis.

Well, not quite simul- since you beat me by 3 centons. :slight_smile:

However, unless my BSG-watching skillz have deserted me, I think the dude is pining for the fjords. I also suspect that Amanda isn’t dead, and that Daniel’s phonecall was about the robot.

… Am I the only one who thinks it would’ve been awesomer had Papa Adama’s cyber-guide turned out to be Mob Granny, rather than Hey!It’s-that-Stargate-Chick? Really, Mob Granny is the only one who I want to hear talking about organ meats comfort food.

I voted a conditional “liked it” this week, subject to reconsideration if Amanda Greystone is not dead.

Daniel is on the ropes. Good. He’s not very likable. STO Cell-war could be fun. Barnabas (or whatever his name is) appears to be nuts. I thought he had a different method for Lacey to prove herself in mind. Think she did, too, and was willing to give/take one for the team.

Wanna know what’s up with Tamara. Not adverse to her and Zoe having some naked cyber romps to conceive the cylon race or just because…

Quite a few points:
[li]Poor Philo… he was relatively most honest character in the series. Zoe/U-87 didn’t mean to kill him, I’m sure. But now he’s gone. :([/li][li]I thought Lacy was going to finally put 2 and 2 together and figure that her “boyfriend” was the one who built the bomb that killed Zoe. But she didn’t; stupid git.[/li][li]I wonder if V-world is really going to be a part of the plot much anymore, since Joseph can’t get back, and Tammy doesn’t want him back.[/li][li]Although it was obvious that Amanda fell, I think she survived. The little news story at the beginning about the bridge’s history mentioned something like “nearly everyone” died. So there’s a probability that she didn’t die.[/li][/ul]

My predictions:
[li]Zoe/U-87 survived with no problems. And she’ll find her way to the green box to Gemenon, but it’ll be intercepted by Vergis. He’ll find a way to reverse-engineer what’s been done to the chip (he mentioned that it wasn’t working correctly before it was stolen), and extract Zoe/Avatar.[/li][li]TSO civil war. To Hades with the “peaceful” side of monotheism.[/li][li]Clarise will feel extremely guilty about blowing off Amanda and seeing her unsuccessful suicide. She’ll nurse her back to health, afterwhich Amanda will become a protheletising preacher for monotheism.[/li][/ul]

Great episode, but I have to ask - is anyone else seriously squicked out by the Zoe/Philomel romance thing? I mean, the dude was virtual-boffing what was, for all intents and purposes, a fifteen-year-old girl. That just ain’t right.

I thought Zoe was a little older, like 17 or so? Thought they mentioned something about her being a senior at school, but maybe I misremember. It’s…not really comfortable for me either, but I rationalize it as Caprica is a more open society sexually than we’re used to seeing. They have group marriage, homosexuality doesn’t seem to have any stigma attached to it, sex really doesn’t seem to carry any of the taboos we’re used to seeing. Also, Philo appears to be barely more than a child himself in some ways. Uber-geek, playful–remember him dancing with robot?–not really a ladies man. He’s supposed to be what…early 20s? Both of them seem relatively equal in the relationship–she was playing him like a fiddle, trying to free the robot, and didn’t seem adverse to using her body as a persuader. He likes her, but he’s also a young guy that wants to get laid.

That, and Zoe is not my child. If she were, of course, I’d be needing to have a chat with that boy. And he probably woulda ended up bouncing off a wall a few times.

Zoebot is going to be taken over by the Caprican Army, with that lady colonel put in charge. She can’t get away to Gemenon now, barring some hankypanky involving Vergis’ property rights, which could happen.

Daniel is properly fucked now, and Amanda’s dead unless the show gets such great ratings that they can afford to bring her back. Eric Stoltz may be too expensive, too - we saw that sort of thing on BSG.

Can’t just leave Tamara alone playing Grand Theft Auto - we’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when …

I’m with you. I thought maybe I missed an episode, or this week was 2 hours long or something. Maybe someone who listens to the podcasts can chime in.

Unless I see a body, I’m not going to believe it. Moore cut away from the phone conversation for a reason - so we don’t really know.

She was supposed to be 16, and she’s played by an actress who’s 22. Frankly, I have no idea why they just didn’t make Zoe and Lacy freshmen/sophomores in college. The character is unbelievable as a 16 year old.

Didn’t know the woman who saved Daddy Adama. Had we met her before?

Also, what was the change of mind with Tamara? Didn’t she send cyber guide to find daddy and bring him to her?

“It’s complicated.” Favorite line used in series. I’ve heard it so much in Lost, it’s as common as “Are you ok?”

Interesting that the “So say we all” became adopted by the non-cylons in BSG but started out with the STO.

I think she’s his secretary/paralegal/investigator.

The bridge used in this episode, the Burrard Bridge, isn’t a guaranteed means of suicide; it’s not quite high enough (last para).