Captain America: Civil War trailer

This looks very fun. The close-in fight at the end against Iron Man (won’t spoil who’s involved - I didn’t know the CW plot myself) looked really cool.

Wow. I’m a huge Iron Man fan, but it’s really looking like the Captain America movies are the best ones in the MCU.

Looks like that fight was choreographed by the same person who did the elevator fight in CA:WS. I know they won’t end the movie the way the comics ended the series, and that makes it all the more exciting to see what they do.

The past two Captain America movies were both really great so I expect very good things out of this one. The trailer did not disappoint.

Steve: sorry Tony, you know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice. but he’s my friend.

Tony: so was I.

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Granted, it’s only a two minute trailer, but it seems pretty Captain America-centric. A lot of people were worried that this would just be Avengers 2.5, but the focus seems to mainly be on Cap, Falcon, and Bucky.

Ugh. I thought I was ready for this. I wasn’t ready.

I’ll be in my bunk, watching Winter Soldier on repeat.

As in the comics, Thor’s absence pretty much makes the plot go.

More war. Really?

Why, it’s a veritable war machine.

Not even a glimpse of Spidey? I guess we can’t be surprised — it is Cap’s movie and they don’t want another character stealing his thunder.

Do we know for sure that it won’t end the same?

I mean, how many more movies does Chris Evans have on his deal?

Huh! What is it good for?

He is signed on for at least the first Avengers: Infinity War film and he’s already come out and said he’s open to doing more.

Selling movie tickets? :smiley:

$200 million domestic, $650 million foreign.

“War. War never changes.”


Well, this one is at least civil.


I still feel like something bad is going to happen to Cap at the end of this film, causing Bucky or Falcon to temporarily take over. Maybe instead of killed he gets seriously injured/paralyzed. Of course, this sets him up for a triumphant return in the next Avengers when he picks up Thor’s hammer in some crucial moment.

Speaking as someone completely unfamiliar with the comics:

The Avengers movies have each contained a set action piece that involved two or more of the Avengers fighting each other. For me, these both were wasted space as they involved zero story content and felt like a cheap way for the writers to get a consequence free action piece.

Watching the trailer, since I assume they’re not going to kill Captain America or Iron Man and they’ll still all be on the same side in future movies it just looks like they made a whole movie out of the wasted scenes from previous Avengers movies.

I’m open to being completely wrong but that is how it felt watching it.