Captain America redone as a dark movie?

I was watching Clever movies discussing how the new Fantastic Four movie is going to be as dark and reality based as The Dark Knight was.

Anyone think the same could be done with Captain America? I would think it would be pretty interesting to see him in a movie like Saving Private Ryan and FURY but as reality based as possible with him in it.

I think it would be phenomenally stupid.

No. That’s pretty the antithesis of everything the character stands for.

CA is Marvel’s Superman. He’s the hopeful, optimistic hero that inspires those around him. Nolanizing him would be a mistake.

BTW it’s a terrible idea to do the Fantastic Four that way too. They are supposed to be the science fictional whiz bang heroes that have crazy adventures where anything can happen. Nothing about the new movie looks appealing at all so far.

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The definitive Fantastic Four movie has already been made. It’s called “The Incredibles.”

Didn’t they already do this? It was called Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Actually it’s already been done in the comic books. Mark Millar’s version of Captain America represented the bad version of America. His attitude was essentially “I’m an American so I’m better than everyone else and everybody should do what I tell them to do. Or I’ll get violent.”

The director has described it as a mix between an Amblin and Cronenberg movie. So it’s definitely going to be a weird sci fi adventure. Just not so much ‘whiz bang’. I’m looking forward to that.

The story-line was a darker political thriller but CA was always the moral center of the movie.

Right, Cap may well find himself in a dark setting, but he himself is never dark.

On a side note about the Fantastic Four movie since its being made by 20th Century Fox who also owns the film rights to the X-Men does this mean they will be in the same universe?

They say yes and that they’re going to tie them together down the line. But for now it’ll be its own thing.

(Translation: if it’s successful, yes.)

OK that’s fair enough

The Dark Knight movies were reality based?

Well, in that they contained less outright magic than most comic book stories.