Captain Pike, pick up extension 112

Each of the past three days, some salesbeing from some magazine has called my office to confirm a subscription for Jeffrey Hunter. Each time our receptionist confirmed that the person was calling our number, but that nobody of
that name works here, or has ever worked here.

Maybe he worked for a different Enterprise

Are they willing to pay for warp postage? Blink once for yes, twice for no.

Mundane and pointless indeed. Add your own experiences of odd phone calls.

OMG, Jeffrey Hunter died form a stroke in 1969 at age 42. Crap, that is sad. I didn’t know.

Yeah - they are going to need more than warp postage for that delivery! :wink:

You know, Scotty is headed out that way, but you just missed him. :eek:

That should be “died from a stroke”. :smack: Living up to my Doper name again. :rolleyes:

Geez, Typo, show a little respect :smack:

In grad school I once got a letter from Mayflower Movers asking if I wanted their services “now that i was retired”. It seems someone with the same name had just retired from the Huge Company in town.
I thought it was hilarious, until I got a call from the IRS asking about my financial interests in a business in town.

It’s scay that a.) They thought a 20-something grad student was a recent retiree and b.) that they got their tip-off from the same place Mayflower Movers did.

If you are Tiffany M. Patton, please pay whatever you owe to whomever you owe it so the collection agencies will stop calling my house.


“This is a recorded message for…[computer generated voice] Tiffany M. Patton…If Tiffany M. Patton is not at this number, please press 4 now…”

I’ve pressed 4 'til the damn number is worn off the button. I’ve called the company and told them “Tiffany M. Patton does not live at my house. I don’t know any Tiffancy M. Patton. You have got to stop calling me.” To which the company responds, “Sorry, I’ll remove your number from our calling list.”

Next day I get Stephen Hawking calling for Tiffany M. Patton again.


If you are Tiffany M. Patton, please pay your god damn bills.

Hmmmm… maybe they’re looking for a video of a porno version of Star Trek?

I think my spouse has told this story here before, but some years back, their company got an 800 number that was very similar to the one in use for a purveyor of, well, NSFW commodities. Frequent misdirected phone calls, and hilarity (but not penis) ensued.

Nope, they can just “slingshot around the sun” and go back a few years. When come back, bring humpback whale. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Jeffrey Hunter departed this world decades ago.
Among other actors, he was chosen to play the Enterprise captain well ahead of that Shatner guy. (Besides Jeffrey Hunter, other actors contacted before Shatner were Jack Lord, Lloyd Bridges and a few others).
Wouldn’t it be a better Universe if Jeffrey Hunter were still alive and Shatner were …

I’m just saying that’s all. Just supposing.
Not that I’m letting any personal hatred for that Shatner guy influence this posting.

Update: We got another call today for Jeffrey Hunter. It’s from a collection agency! Unfortunately, the co-worker who got the call pretended to be Jeffrey “to make them go away”.

I’m afraid we’ll be getting more calls for debtor Jeff in the future. :frowning:

I’ve lived in my house with the same telephone number for nearly 9 years, and I still get calls for Mr. Wiggins, whom I gather not only repairs clocks and musicboxes, but is also somehow politically affiliated with, if not personally, GLBT.

I don’t get many of them anymore, but back when I was getting them often, I wrote and recorded a ditty for my answering machine that went like this:

No, we ain’t the Wiggins
And we can’t fix your clock
No, we ain’t the Wiggins
So shelve your music box
No one knows what’s wrong
With your ballerina’s song
But if you are a friend
Leave a number at the end…

(Sounds a bit like a cross between the early Who and Billy Bragg…guess you had to have been there :o )