Caption this photo

I look at thios picture of South Carolina governor Nikki Haley at the GOP convention, and she seems to have one of the most “forced” smiles I’ve ever seen. A smiling Mitt Romney is out-of-focus in the background.

What the hell can be going on? It occurs to me that this has the making of a caption contest.

This isn’t really a political thread, so I don’t think it belong in “Elections”
My suggestion:
“Vote for Mitt Romney. Please!”

Fix-o-dent and forget it.

“If you don’t like Mitt’s position, just wait a few days and he’ll change it…oh, shit. He’s standing right behind me, isn’t he?”

Please help! I’m being held hostage and forced to make this statement.

Oops, I just sharted.

Mitt. Mitt! You have the remote set on “High.”

“I am not at all disappointed in Mitt’s choice for running mate. I think Paul Ryan is a stand-up guy!”

I’m so tapping that.

“He’s picturing me naked and in his crawlspace, isn’t he?”


“The only thing fake about Mitt Romney is his hair! [waits for laughter, which is not forthcoming] Wait… He’s standing behind me, isn’t he?”

Mitt: I would so want to voluntarily rape her.

Mitt: I wonder if I can get a photo of her to tape to the back of my wife’s head?

“So then I took his dick with just my fingers, like this, then smiled and swallowed the whole thing.”

Mitt ::thought balloon:: “Isn’t she just the cutest piece ever?”