The Answer to the GOPs Convention Dilemma

At a brokered convention, the GOP need a savior but currently can’t come up with a name that satisfies all divisions in the party.

Well, what about someone whose celebrity and name recognition is equal or higher to that of The Donald? Someone who embodies Republican values and is known to be a loyal party member? Someone with actual governmental experience? Someone who is more adapt at working the media than any of the current contenders? Someone who is famed and loved for a prior appearance at the Convention?

Ladies and gentledelegates, I give you your next President of the United States of America.

Clint Eastwood.

I dunno, wasn’t he outdebated by an empty chair a few years ago?

I was thinking empty chair for Veep. Still more consensus than what they have now.

Piffle. Ronald Reagan. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say the President has to be alive. And he is guaranteed not to piss off large segments of the electorate.
And even when he was deep in dementia he made more sense than Trump.

Ron Reagan. Many of the folks who would vote for Trump will vote for Ron, mistaking him for his dad.

We’d have another first, an openly gay President. Oh yeah Republicans would love that… :smiley:

I understand Hillary Clinton might be available…

Nyuk nyuk nyuk. Sorry, she’ll be otherwise occupied for the next four to eight years.

I am not a Republican and I have zero claims to any credibility for speaking on behalf of the American conservative zeitgeist. Having said that, I can’t imagine why they aren’t doing everything in their power to draft Condoleeza Rice into serving her country at the Convention.

Only if she’s found guilty.

John Cornyn.

Robert Gates.

Susana Martinez.

You see a signpost up ahead…

In other words, Twilight Zone. Fantasyland. BernieBro fever dream.

The convention won’t be that competitive nor is it going to be that open to outsiders. The way it’ll go down is no one wins on the first ballot because of all the pledged delegates and no one having a majority. Enough states require pledged delegates to hold on after the 1st ballot and into the second that no one will be able to win on the 2nd ballot. By the 3rd or 4th ballot, Cruz will win.

It’s not about what the electorate wants or “all the divisions in the party want.” Cruz has actually built an extremely well ran and effective delegate recruitment machine. A lot of the pledged delegates (including some who will have to vote Trump in the 1st/2nd round) are already really Cruz delegates, and unlikely to flip. Trump on the other hand didn’t even bother inserting himself into the delegate process at all, meaning for a lot of the bound delegates he’s won they are likely to be people who his campaign has no relationship with, while Cruz’s does. It’s not a popular vote, it’s a delegate race, and Cruz is the only one who has been playing the delegate loyalties for post first round scenarios. Trump has only really just now started that, and it’s too late.

The broader electorate and many Republican powerbrokers really dislike Cruz, but again, they don’t get votes at the convention–the delegates do.

Clint Eastwood, the pro-choice, anti-war, often votes for Democrats candidate would assuage conservatives’ fears? I know most people’s memories are of the chair, but you can criticize a candidate (after previously saying many nice things about him), and that doesn’t mean that the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

These are celebrities to you? I can’t wait until the 2017 trading card series comes out!

Let’s say that Trump tells the RNC that he will actively sabotage a Cruz campaign. While he has no leverage to get nominated, the RNC might want to find a candidate Trump would endorse. While you are right about Cruz being effective in delegate wrangling, many delegates depend on the party in one way or another, and might be subject to pressure for the good of the party, especially after the second ballot.
The RNC might prefer Cruz to Trump, but they know Cruz would get crushed in November, especially if Trump acts up, and might prefer a more electable candidate.

The Doonesbury strips will practically write themselves!

I don’t know if you’re being serious or not, but why on earth would he accept? And he’s like 200 years old, too.

Thank-you for bringing some sanity into into yet another “the sky is falling” thread about the GOP’s convention. It won’t be as clean as ones in the past, and Cruz is certainly not an ideal candidate, but it will not be some end-of-the-world scenario where electors are jumping out of balcony windows.

Colin Powell.

Condoleeza “Secretary of state during one of the biggest foreign policy screw-ups in the story of the country” Rice?

He’s got my vote. Punk. :rolleyes: