Who will speak at the RNC?

I don’t even know if an official list has been posted, but I hope not. Idle speculation is a lot more fun.

The DNC has had a few fantastic speeches. Namely, Heinz-Kerry, Clinton, and Obama. Reagan’s was also quite good, I thought.

So who will line up for the Republicans? It seems that they don’t have nearly as many charismatic speakers as the Democrats do.

Zell Miller will speak. He gave a good speech at the 1992 Democratic convention, but lately he has sounded very cranky. I’m sure there will be a 9/11 relative as well as a NYPD or NYFD officer. John McCain will also get a a major spot. There will be a Regan tribute with Nancy speaking.

Colin Powell gave a decent speech at the 1996 RNC. I’m sure he will have a prime time slot. Rudy Giuliani will get a major push. Elizabeth Dole will surely speak. I think we might also see Bob Dole, Gerald Ford, George H W Bush, and George Pataki in featured slots. Arnold will probably give the “immigrant dream of American future” speech.

Dan Quayle, Jeb Bush, Jerry Falwell, Ralph Reed, Pat Robertson and other controversial types will not likely get major roles. The Republicans learned that lesson from the 1992 debacle.

arnold schwarzenegger
john mccain
bill frist
george bush
elizabeth dole
zell miller
denis hastert
rick santorum
sam brownback
michael steele
heather wilson
anne northrup
erika harold
rudy guiliani
laura bush
rod paige
dick cheney
michael bloomberg
george pataki

cmason32, are you borrowing e e cummings’ typewriter? The Official RNC Site gives a list of those already on the program. Not sure if this list is exhaustive or more names will be added.

“Gillespie said Nancy Reagan is welcome at next month’s Republican convention in New York, but he does not expect her to attend.”

Toronto Star, July 28

Interesting that Jeb Bush doesn’t seem to have a slot yet.

Surely the Bush family will insist on the opportunity to raise his profile?

Did you listen to her speech last night? It was horrid. Whoever is writing for her hasn’t spent any time with her, whatsoever. The timing, pacing and tone of it were all completely wrong for her. It may have been a worse speech than Ted Kennedy’s.


They will merely chant.
In unison.
Thousands of them.

Then, they shall take to the streets.
And march.
In lockstep.

As befits a Party that cannot tolerate internal dissent, or diversity of opinion in its own ranks.

It ain’t the same Party it was in Reagan’s time, I’ll tell ya.


Will they.

Chant in the stutteri.

Ng manner in w.

Hich you type?

No, they will not.
For, you see, one cannot type with cloven hooves.

Funny, I rather liked her speech. I did notice that her pacing was a bit off, but I attributed that to her accent, not the speech itself.

You know, I haven’t read a transcript of her speech - it may read very well. But she is sore need of a coach, or at least have the writer go through it with her. Again, I think she’s fantastic - I actually have a huge crush on her. I also think she’s very articulate and gets a bad rap for her accent. But it was things like this that grated for me:

She should have talked right through that applause. It wasn’t loud or a standing ovation, it was people thinking she completed a sentence, and it completely devalued the meat of that statement - that women aren’t opinionated, they’re intelligent.

I’m sure she was told to slow down when speaking - but that’s not her strength. Her strength is her passion, her emotion and her intensity. All of those were discarded in favor of making sure the American Somoa delegates up in the rafters could hear her.

Nothing incorrect about the list that cmason provided, but I think it’s worth distinguishing between those who’ve been given the high-visibility spots, and those who might wind up speaking when even PBS has better things to be doing with their time.

I really think the RNC is really dropping the ball in not featuring Michael Reagan (whose snubbing by the Conservative community I totally don’t understand) or Jenna & Barabara II.

Oohh! Put on Rush Limbaugh! Please! And Trent Lott! And Michael Savage! And . . . and Ann Coulter! Yeah! Ann Coulter! She’ll charm America’s socks off! :smiley: And . . . is Jesse Helms still alive?

Does it really matter?

He wil win the hearts & minds of Undead Americans everywhere.

Oh! And New Gingrich! Put on Newt Gingrich! His sharp wit and gentle, kind demeanor will pick up lotsa votes in the So . . . Mid . . . swing st . . . somewhere.

It is interesting that some of their most visible speakers are from the more liberal faction of the party – Guiliani, Pataki and Schwarzenegger, for example.

Even the Vice President disagrees with the President on gay rights.

Can anyone on the list be described as a neo-Conservative or as an ultra-Conservative? Who reflects Bush’s stance on “pro-life,” pro-death penalty, anti-gay marriage, faith-based initiative, tax cuts, deficit spending, pro invasion of Iraq or other controversial issues?

Rick Santorum, champion of the Defense of Marriage Amendment.