Caption this!

His mom must be so proud.

I suck.

Gotta light?

I thought straw men weren’t allowed here.

Cthulhu has come to suck your soul!

That’s some projectile vomit!

I told you I could drink 259 glasses of wine at once!

I thought playing the trumpet was hard!

The Department Of Defense has unveiled a new weapon for use in The War Against Terrorism, the Multiple Spitball Launcher.

Dangers of polygyny #132: sharing sodas with all your sweathearts simultaneously.

Dammit, Dad, you smash the pinata and smush the candy.

All your milkshake are belong to me.

Why we’re glad there wasn’t another season of Angel.

Two tickets to "World Records Day"for you and your girlfriend: $24.00
3 boxes of 100 ct plastic straws: $6.23
Expression on girlfriend’s face after seeing your hobby for the first time: Priceless!

Giant psychedelic exploding cigars, now only $19.95 at all Target locations

[Ralph Kramden]“I’m a blabbermouth, Alice. A BLAB-BER-MOUTH…!”[/Ralph Kramden]

Now I can satisfy 264 life sucking demons at once!

Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine…

Sure, it looks a little funny, but wait until you hear him play “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”… then, my friends, you will appreciate true genius…

See that guy over there? Well he is a Straw Salesman, whatever you do don’t make jokes about Strawmen around him. He gets a little angry.
My friend here made fun of him.