Capturing audio from Flash video

OK, there is a short ad I have seen that is done in Adobe Flash Player. It has a musical audio loop that plays in the background that is catchy and I would like to capture it.

Anybody know a way of capturing audio that is playing on my computer and saving it, or capturing the Flash video and stripping the audio track from it?

You could probably use Virtual Audio Cable to set up an “output” from your browser (or flv player) to an “input” in Audacity or the default windows recorder. I’m not sure how easy VAC is to use, though I’ve seen it mentioned as a good program on the Let’s Play forums of Something Awful and they’re usually a pretty good judge of various capture utilities.

Another option is to use a an application/addon that allows you to download flash videos, put it in a conversion utility like SUPER (that page is a nightmare, but it’s a great program once you get the download link to work) and only set an audio output shell (like .mp3) and no video output shell so that you’re essentially “converting” the video to an audio file.

Both of these methods should work fine (though SUPER can be finicky on occasion, so it may take multiple tries/configurations).

For Mac users, Audio Hijack Pro works great.

I think the simplest way would be to just run Audacity at the same time and hit Record. It will record in real time, but if it’s just a short clip it should be fine. You should be able to record any sound that plays on your computer that way.

Check your audio device options. Some will allow for a “what you can hear” setting. Then just run any audio recording software you want.

Another options is to download the SWF file, and using video editing software (like say TMPG Express 4.0, though virtual dub might handle I’m not sure about that however). And output only the audio track as whatever you need, PCM, mp3, etc. Obviously this solution is a bit more complicated if you don’t have the required software.
just google “convert youtube to mp3”