How do you extract sound from Quicktime?

I have a MOV file that I took while on vacation. I would like to extract the sound from the movie and save it as an MP3 file.

How can I do this? Is there any open source software that I can use?


Until somebody else comes along with a more elegant solution, I’ll offer the following two things that have worked for me in this situation.

If you are using a Mac, try a freeware program called Wiretap . It’ll record any audio playing on your Mac.

If using WinXP: there’s a little app under Accessories/Entertainment called “Sound Recorder” that you can use to do this. Jumper the output from the sound card to the input on the sound card using a double ended 1/8" (3.5mm) male phone plug (stereo miniplug) cable, play the file, and record. I’ve done this with good success on a couple different machines, but it may not work with your particular sound card. I’m sure there is an easier way, but this has worked for me.

Using Stan’s second solution, some sound cards actually have a software input that records whatever is being played back on the system. On mine, it’s called “What U Hear”. That will record anything you hear at the moment, including the Quicktime movie. If yours has something similar, you won’t need the plug.

There’s a freeware program called Audiograbber that allows you to select which audio stream (WAV, microphone, AUX, line-in) you want to record, so that things like system sounds and line noise don’t get captured. I use it to pull sound from my radio capture card, my dad’s phonograph, and to make MP3s from my CDs on the fly. It’s slower than ripping, but it also avoids the weird artifacts that copy protection can introduce.

The ‘analogue hole’ should work OK; set [some audio recording software - I recommend Audacity] going, set the Quicktime movie playing and there you go, but there is a loss of fidelity this way, because you’re converting a digital audio stream to analogue and back again.

If you want to keep it all digital, for no money, I’d go for:

Rad Tools - to convert the MOV to AVI
VirtualDub - to extract the audio stream as a WAV.

If you are on a PC, you can use a free tool from Microsoft called GraphEdit. it is a little complicated to use, but it works well. there are specific instructions here in the 4th post down. Good luck!

If you’re using a Mac, download QTAmateur. It’s a free QuickTime player that implements most of the “pro” features Apple’s player artificially restricts.