car accident with highest death toll

Some years ago back when they taught driver’s ed in school, our teacher related the story of the car accident that killed more people than any other. It involved two cars in a head on collision that killed something like 13 people (6 in one car; 7 in the other). It happened supposedly just outside of a town on a two lane highway. Even though there was little evidence to see what happened or who was at fault due to the carnage, it was postulated that the car coming into town was traveling at a high rate of speed and was likely the chief cause of the accident. (I’m fuzzy on the exact details, so I made have made things up in 30 years of memory)

Has anyone ever heard of this accident, and is there information available on the web about it?

I assume you are living in the USA. Here is a list of notable traffic accidents. Most involve buses in order to have sufficient carnage to make the list. I don’t see an accident that fits your description. If you would mention your town, I’m sure that would narrow things down.

It didn’t happen in my town, but I grew up in central Missouri…I doubt that would help. I don’t remember where it happened or when, but I have the impression it was in the 50’s or early 60’s.