"Car Blocking" On The Interstate?

Sorry, if that seems too nebulous a title for the thread, but a friend told me about this, and to hear him tell it, it’s quite a common phenomenon:

  1. You’re travelling along in the right-hand lane, doing the posted, and suddenly a car pulls ahead of you on the left and then immediately pulls over to the right and slows down, while…

2… at the same time a second car pulls into the left-hand lane right next to you, in effect boxing you in… and they’re…

3… talking on their cell phones to each other, I guess, having a good ol’ time while you’re trapped and can’t speed up or go around.


These are kids with nothing better to do, or is this some kind of plan for something more serious, like edging you over and robbing or killing your ass?

Have I been hiding underneath a rock that I haven’t heard of this and is that what it is called? (“car blocking”?)



Happens all day, every day, but I don’t think it’s planned.

-Someone travelling happily in the left lane <cause you’re ahead of them in the right lane, so left lane is safer, with nobody ahead> is nudged from behind by someone wanting to go faster. So they speed up just enough to pass you, then go back to their normal speed.
Meanwhile Speedy McSpeederson slows down cause he doesn’t want to be the one getting the ticket, plus he’s in a now-unblocked lane and happy to sit where he’s at.

I’ve been all three in that scenario, at least 5 times a week.

My car must have a built-in tractor beam no one told me about, because any car that I get behind (or that gets in front of me) immediately slows down at least five miles per hour.

My knee-jerk response is ‘Stop tailgaiting’ :wink:

I know, I know, any space you leave in front of you invites another person to pop in. But in a rear-view, people look a lot closer than they are.
And you might not be tailgaiting at all, it was just a thought. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be this:


It’s apparently pretty common. A police officer buddy of mine told me about a few different rings that got busted a few years ago.

I’ve always heard those called “rolling roadblocks.”

I have to say that the advice in that link about how to avoid being caught in the “swoop and squat” scam is really stupid and useless.

If the crooks are going to swoop in and stand on their brakes in front of you, leaving plenty of “idiot space” in front of you just makes it easier. Not that I am opposed to leaving idiot space, just that this doesn’t help you avoid being the victim of this kind of scam.

Not to mention that in many places, especially with regular workday traffic, you simply can NOT leave room in front of you. The crowd won’t allow it; someone WILL just nose in ahead of you anyway. I personally prefer a few car lengths room, but ffs I’d never get home if I did that.

I’ve heard that term before, but only in terms of state troopers doing the blocking. Say there’s a three-lane highway where the speed limit is 55MPH. Three state troopers in fully marked squad cars take up all three lanes side-by-side and drive at 55MPH.

Everyone is forced to do the speed limit behind them and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. “Governor! They forced me to follow the speed limit!!!”

I believe I even saw it in action once (and that’s when my wife mentioned the term), but in truth it may have just been a coincidence.