Car buzzers

OK, since we’ve got auto repair questions this semester…
What the hell does it mean when you use the turn indicator, either direction, on a 2000 Grand Am and sometimes the !@#$%^ buzzer comes on?

Perhaps the flasher (I think that’s what it’s called) needs to be replaced? It’s a fuse-like thing that makes the turn signals blink (and makes that clicky noise). Do the turn signals blink like they should? Perhaps the buzzing is a signal to fix it.

It means (as long as you don’t drive an insane amount of miles) free warranty service! And (if they’re a hair above being a mediocre dealer) you get to drive a free rental for a day.

Nah, it means that I will rdive 45 miles to the dealer every weekend and it will never do it on their lot.

Carnivorousplant, if the turn signals are otherwise working correctly you might be a victim of one of GM’s “safety” features. Many cars now have buzzers or tones to alert the driver when a turn signal is left on and not self-cancelled by the mechanism in the steering column that shuts the signal off as the steering wheel is turned. If you make a wide turn or fully activate the signal to change lanes or whatever so the self-canceller doesn’t work, the tone will sound after a certain interval.

My parents’ Dodge does this and I recently bought an Oldsmobile that does the same thing. The first time I heard the tone I was driving down an on-ramp to merge onto the Interstate. I freaked out, convinced that some gremlin was destroying the electrical system.

Look in your owners’ manual or call a Pontiac dealer or salesperson and ask if the 2000 Grand Am has a turn signal alert.

Just my $.02.

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Bob had a sneaking suspicion that his blinkers were not working correctly. So when he got home, he asked his wife to stand behind the car, at which point he would turn on the blinker, and she would tell him if it’s working.

Dutifully, Bob’s wife took her spot. Bob turned on the blinker.

“It’s working,” she said, “Oh, it’s not working. It’s working! It’s not working! It’s working! It’s not working!”

I think I went out with her…