Car CD player is kaput

The factory-installed (and therefore, I assume, relatively crappy) CD player in my Ford Fusion has stopped working. It won’t play the CDs in it and it won’t eject them either.

Does anyone have a suggestion of anything I could do to “reboot” the player and get my CDs out? Maybe there’s nothing to do but take it in and have the thing fixed, but it seems like there should be a reset button or something!


Try disconnecting the power source for a few minutes and then reconnecting it. My CD player was acting up a few weeks ago, so I dug out my manual, went to the fusebox and removed all fuses that had anything to do with the radio. I then replaced them about 2 minutes later and all was fine. Be very careful, though, if you put the wrong fuse in the wrong slot, you could end up frying your radio. And of course if you used too small a fuse, it wouldn’t turn on at all. It’s not hard at all, but be careful.

Normally there’s a pinhole, you can poke the end of a paperclip into that and force it to eject.

Is this a single CD player or one of those 6-disc CD players? That being said, if its a single, then Askance is correct. There usually is either a pinhole or a small level that can be pressed in to manually eject a CD. If its a 6-disc one then you are out of luck as they load each CD in a different manner.

But, not all is lost. If you are absolutely certain your CD player can not be salvaged and that you will replace it… You can take it apart. I had to do that to my Suzuki. The in-dash 6-CD player died with our CDs in it. Nothing would make the thing work so I just carefully disassembled it screw by screw and got my CDs out. Took like an hour and there was no way it was gonna go back together again.

You may have to reset the code in your radio as well. I know my '04 Honda had a radio like that. If the battery was disconnected, you had to input a code to get it to work again - part of the anti-theft system. The code was in the owner’s manual and differed for each individual car.

Thanks for the suggestions. It is a six-CD changer, so I suppose I’ll have to try removing the fuses.