Car Crash Reveals Racist Church - Involve FBI?

Car Crash Reveals Racist Church

First, I’d like to say that the proprietor of this ‘church’ and his flock would be doing the universe a great favor by never procreating nor spreading their vile beliefs to any others. I despise people like this with every fibre of my being and the world would be a much better place without such extreme bigotry (if I just said bigotry, then there probably be only 1,000 or so people left, but that’s a topic for another thread).

I take issue with turning it over to the FBI. There’s no indication at all of illegal activity. And as much as I hate to defend these people, I don’t like the FBI looking into anyone’s religion/beliefs simply because they are not mainstream. False quotes aside, it is not a stretch to assume that Bush and Rumsfeld do not like atheists. Should I be worried?

There may be more to this story than meets the eye, and if anyone has pertinent facts, I’d like to know them. I can’t search on the keywords in the article here at work, so I’m hoping there was some other reason to forward this to the FBI other than simply because they are racists. Racist may equal scumbag, but it does not equal criminal.

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I have to agree. I’m a severe lefty, but I certainly don’t think “Call the FBI!” everytime I pass some racist schmuck. As long as they aren’t advocating/planning criminal activity let them be stupid racist inbred trash.

Besides, what’s Ashcroft gonna do? Give em napalm and guns most likely.

Well, from what you have posted, I don’t think that the FBI actually is doing much of anything.

Local police forces, accountable to their local constituents, especially in minority-rich cities like Baton Rouge don’t want to be seen as going “soft” on racist groups like this, but because there really isn’t a lot that they can do right now unless they discover some actual criminal activity, they “escalate” the investigation to involve the FBI, who will in turn possibly send a few agents out to ask a few questions, file a report which no one will read, and make a press report or something similar on the church.

End result: It looks like a strong, meaningful response, bringing in the Federales, etc., but in reality it’s nothing.

threemae, I understand and agree with what you are saying. I simply don’t like the fact that simply holding an unpopular (and in this case, disgusting) POV is enough to warrant even a cursory review by the FBI. Islam was recently (still is?) under fire, some FBI offices handled their inquiries very, very poorly, and suddenly [hyperbole alert] forgeting to cross a T on an application was a deportable offense. [/hyperbole] I try not to be too paranoid, but I fear that we (the USA) are (not-so) slowly heading in a Thought Police direction.

In general, I suspect that threemae has probably identified what has happened/will happen. I also agree with D_Odds that I see no reason to drag the Feds in to “investigate” every unpopular group.

What I am hoping happened, here, (as opposed to simply a witchhunt), is that the combination of a “secret” church, combined with on site evidence linking the proprietors to one of the already extant hate groups that have been tied to violent acts, prompted the local police to bring in the FBI to rule out that association. There are a couple of the “Christian Identity” groups that have been involved in actual criminal behavior. Barring evidence suggesting that these folks have a direct tie to a group that has committed a crime, I do not think anyone should be investigating them.

Why inbred? I’ve never heard that all racists were inherently the products of incest.

Wild speculation. I’m assuming that you’re kidding. If not, that’s a topic for a separate thread. (I’m neither agreeing nor disagreeing with you; I’m just pointing out that you state as fact that which is debatable and off-topic.)

Well, racists are obviously not real big fans of exogamy.

>I take issue with turning it over to the FBI. There’s no indication at all of illegal activity.

Well no, but surely it’s fair enough to see whether there may be, in that pile of material that was unearthed (or elsewhere in the group’s property), something that was illegal. After all it sounds like their material is skating pretty close to illegality as it is.

Thank God for the 1st Amendment.

The linked story is no longer available, so I may have missed the part where oodles of pipe-bombs and machine guns were found. If that is not the case, then I see no reason why the FBI (or any law enforcement agency) should be getting involved with the investigation of reading material.

America has yet to be infected with the Euro-style ‘hate laws’ that outright prohibit various books, symbols, and words. Dunno about Australia. I don’t doubt that at some point we will, but for now, we still have rather reasonable freedom of speech.

I don’t know about that. Given the First Amendment, it’s really hard for pamphlets and books to “skate pretty close to illegality” (or at any rate it ought to be). Now if there were bombs or anything like that, that would be one thing. But speech, however odious, ought not to be considered to be “skirting” criminality unless it’s part of an actual criminal conspiracy (the minutes of a meeting discussing blowing up a particular building, and blueprints of same) or directly inflammatory of criminal action (a sermon along the lines of “after the service is over y’all need to go out and lynch so-and-so”).

I found a different page on Yahoo News and updated the link. No mention of pipe bombs, machine guns, or vials of radioactive anthrax.

Here is one local article on the crash. Here is a short opinion piece from the same paper. Neither article mentions any illegal activities, and the opinion piece speaks a little about the legality of publishing and selling their racist trash.

Part of me wants to see places like that go up in flames (but in such a way that no one nor any other business is harmed in any way) and the ‘church’ members run out of town. Most of me realizes, however, that slippery slopes do exist and that to start down one is a dangerous thing.

That said, I must say that James K. Warner is a class act…excuse me, I meant classLESS act.


Unfortunately, there are still enough racists that they don’t have to resort to it.

Ah, the old “search it just in case” ploy. Shall they search every building in town for something illegal, or only buildings involved in car accidents? Or only buildings where unpopular views are promoted?

Well, in the spirit of tolerance, lets not resort to trashing folks, even those whose opinions you abhor.

Many people believe in the supremacy of one race or culture over another. While I disagree, it’s hypocritical of me to slander them to make myself feel sophisticated, as though my views are somehow more valid than theirs.

Lets assume that it was a black church, preaching the supioriority of the Black race. Would I be within the bounds of taste on this board to call them “stupid racist inbred trash?”

Also, please cite a source confirming a cause-effect relationship between inbreeding with racism.



Let’s see where to start:

  1. I have absolutely no problem with being hypocritical. It’s actually quite entertaining and more people should give it a try.

  2. If your goal in life is to be within the bounds of taste, you’ll never do anything worth paying attention to. Live a little. Make the odd fart joke. Stare at exposed cleavage. Wave your privates at traffic.

  3. Funny how people got uppity about the inbred racists bit. I wonder if the arrow struck too close to home on the racist or inbred front.

Seriously, what, we have to be nice and coddle white supremacists now? Please. They’re degenerate scum and they should be treated as such. They just shouldn’t be locked up for being degenerate scum. Being degenerate scum is a sacred right, as is avoiding, insulting, and demeaning those who partake of it.

Oh, and speaking of hypocrisy, since you seem to have a problem with it: You’ll stand up for the rights of white supremacists to go about spewing filth about the “inferior” races, but if I make a minor jab at their expense you’ll have a hissyfit? :rolleyes:

Has no one heard of “inbred” as an insult before or are people just being obtuse? Not every bleeding imbecile is a hemophiliac.

Anyhoo, I’m not surprised there is going to be a little look see by the Feds. If an ice cream truck got in an accident and the cop on the scene saw the back was full of nice clean porno you can bet he’s asking a few extra questions. It’s legal but looks fishy. People are living in dreamland if they expect the cops to not even look twice at a secret church full of hate literature.

Well, MEBuckner provided a link that might lead one to think that within a population, racism might lead to inbreeding over time. However, given the size and mobility in the US, and the volume of stupid racist trash (of all hues) throughout, one cannot conclude definitively that stupid racist trash are also inbred.

Note to self: Add inbred to list of unacceptable even though clearly hyperbolic insults.

Insert whichever smilie you believe appropriate.

It’s best to ignore them. Involving the Feds will just let them moan about how they’re being persecuted by the ZOG.

Actually, I expect them to look twice. But I’m not sure I like it. It’s the slippery slope argument, I know, but what happens when legal activity on my part becomes scrutinized and I have to defend myself. The Thought Police have yet to get a law where being a racist is illegal. It only becomes a problem when you overtly act on it.