My good friend listed a topic about things you love/hate about your car. This, however, does not get into the relatioship you have with your car.It gets too technical.I’d like to look at the car in a more holistic way. I need help here.

  1. Help me find Car Talk
    that does not sem to work

  2. Find the Car-o-scope in there

  3. Take the test. See how compatible you are with your current car. Then report back here.What car does it say you should be driving, based on your income and lifestyle?And what are actually driving?

The Caroscope:
It takes 24 hours to process, so get going already!

I tried this several weeks ago while looking up info on my car ('92 Grand Am). It told I wasn’t like most Grand Am owners!! (reminds of the line from Michael Jackson’s Thriller: “I’m not like other boys.”). Actually I’m glad because, DAMMIT!! I’M MY OWN PERSON!!
So there, nyah!!!

I took the test right now, and in 24 hours, The Great Car-nack ugh will tell me if my Chevy S10 is perfect for me. He better say it’s perfect for me, I spent too much on it already.

I did it, we’ll see what she says.

I did this a few weeks ago. My profile exactly matched that of other VW Jetta owners, except for my frugality score; in that, I matched more closely with Mercedes owners.

Ok, I got the results back…Roller Blades!?!?!

What’s up with that?

Common ¢ for all ages…
“Well, there was that thing with the Cheese-Wiz…but I’m feeling much better now!” – John Astin, Night Court

I did it. It’s funny, but now they’re trying to sell me a VW Eurovan.


Here it is… *Comparing You to Other Toyota Camry Owners

Boy oh boy, Katherine, you picked a vehicle which is just about perfect for you. Congratulations! For example, when compared to other people who own a Toyota Camry, you’re just about the same in terms of your income, your tolerance for taking risks, and status consciousness.

But there are some psychographic and/or demographic measures on which you differ from other Toyota Camry owners. For example, you’re a bit too young to be driving this vehicle, and you just don’t care as much about your car as other Toyota Camry owners.

Car-O-Scope Makes Suggestions for More Compatible Vehicles

Despite the fact that your personality profile pretty much matches that of Toyota Camry owners, Car-O-Scope would like to suggest some alternative vehicles–should you be thinking of making a change.

Note: some of these suggestions might surprise you. But try to keep an open mind. It’s quite possible that the car-o-scope has discovered some hidden and/or repressed aspects of your personality.

  1. Plymouth Duster
  2. Buick Skyhawk
  3. Chevrolet Celebrity
  4. Volkswagen Beetle
  5. Oldsmobile Cutlass
    So, let’s look at your compatibility profile vis-a-vis the Plymouth Duster. If you dumped that Toyota Camry and got yourself a Plymouth Duster, you’d be a lot happier.

For example, you’d be almost perfectly compatible in terms of your gender, your educational level, your tolerance for taking risks, status consciousness, and your grasp of reality.

In addition, you’d have pretty good compatibility in terms of your age, how much you really care about your car, and the extent to which you’re a cheapskate.

Here’s a little info on these personality characteristics. Read 'em and weep.

Risk-taking: your tolerance for taking chances

Some people are complete wackos when it comes to taking risks. I have a friend (who shall remain nameless), and when Tony goes on vacation, he immediately starts looking for the bungee-jumping sites. A nut case of the first order.

On the other hand, some of us are complete wusses. (Is this how you spell woosses? I’m not sure, but I’m afraid to look it up. Oh, my God, I might be wrong. Oh, my God!) You’re compatible on this score.

Status consciousness:

I know a few people who will go to any lengths to impress others. ("Oh, yes, I went to Haahvaad.) I love them, don’t you? Neither do I. The kind of people I like to have coffee with are “jamokes.” Are you familiar with this term? No? Well, I guess you didn’t go to Haahvaad, now, did you?

Reality check:

                   You have a pretty good sense of what's real and what ain't. You aren't one of those "head in the clouds" types--like some people I know. On the other hand, there are worse places **you're**[sup]<small>(where is that spelling pet peeves thread?)</small>[/sup] head could be--I guess.

Here’s a more detailed look at your compatibility scores for the other vehicles on the list.

Good luck. And thanks for consulting the Oracle of Car-O-Scope.

And don’t drive like my brother.*

Then there were some charts… one of which had me maxed out as a “flake” which I don’t understand, but OH WELL.

So I have a car that I like… Not gonna buy an American car anytime soon, and a VW Beetle??? WAAAAY too small. My Toyota Camry is a STATION WAGON and IT is a little too small.

“Cluemobile? You’ve got a pickup…”
OpalCat’s site:
The Teeming Millions Homepage:

I tried it. They said I wouldn’t be happy with my new Saturn. Acutally, I like the car very much and am extremely pleased with it.

But they got other things wrong, too. I suspect there were too few questions to truly judge your personality.

By the way, in an interesting bit of full-circle-ness, the Car Talk site mentions the Straight Dope:

“Cluemobile? You’ve got a pickup…”
OpalCat’s site:
The Teeming Millions Homepage:

Opal, I, too, maxed out on the flake scale.

I didn’t think I’d been that revealing with my responses.


They said I should save up and trade in my Tercel for a Corolla. I think I may have clicked the wrong income bracket.

Wonderful. I’m too young, overpaid, undereducated and too snobbish to drive my Grand Cherokee. It recommends a Camaro or a Corvette.

Now if only I could convince Mrs. Sly…


What’s that all about?

Heh, heh, heh. Looks like I have the wrong car:

The cars it suggested? 1. Buick Skyhawk
2. Plymouth Duster
3. Ford Aspire
4. Peugeot 505
5. Oldsmobile Cutlass

It gave me a nice long spiel for the Duster, too.

What do you think it’s about? American cars suck. I realize they’ve gotten better, but even so, Toyotas blow them out of the water, so why would I get one?

“Cluemobile? You’ve got a pickup…”
OpalCat’s site:
The Teeming Millions Homepage:

Opal, you know not of what you speak, Chrysler was 3rd, Toyota 7th on the JD power consumer satisfaction list for 1999. Jaguar was #1 if you are wondering, amazing strides since the takover by Ford. Sounds like some snobbery here, I may just lose a touch of respect for you my dear :). Guess what, Lexus is just an overpriced Toyota with worse performance numbers. Damn yuppies, it ain’t the 70’s anymore. At least your not buying Korean.

Rich must me embarrassed about his car-o-scope, that wasn’t much feedback.

Here’s parts of mine, the whole thing is quite similar to all the others:
Hello, sunbear
Here is your official Car-O-Scope, the patented Car Talk assessment of the compatibility between you and your Saturn SL2. As you well know, the degree of compatibility between you and your car is crucial to your happiness and well-being! Driving the right vehicle–i.e., having the correct “carma”–will give you an incredible lightness of being, a constant sensation of euphoria and, possibly, a Rocky Mountain high. On the other hand, the wrong “relationship” can be devastating: a continuous frown, a deep and inexplicable depression, a sense of foreboding. In short, a life of quiet desperation–not to mention an incredible headache, lower back pain and continuous hemorrhoidal flare-ups.
So, ready or not, here it is.
Comparing You to Other Saturn SL2 Owners
Boy oh boy, sunbear, you picked a vehicle that just isn’t quite right for you. You’re compatible with your Saturn SL2 only in terms of your income and your grasp of reality.
When compared to other people who drive a Saturn SL2, you’re a bit too old to be driving this vehicle, you just don’t care as much about your car as other Saturn SL2 owners, you’re just too educated to be driving a Saturn SL2, other Saturn SL2 owners are far more willing to take risks than you are, you’re more generous than other owners, and you are a little too much of a snob.
OK, so you’re a bit of a wuss–or is it woos?–when it comes to taking chances. So, why are you driving a Saturn SL2? Eh?
We agree that there are lots of dangers out there–and you’re perfectly justified in attempting to insulate yourself from them. Car-O-Scope will try to suggest some vehicles that are more in line with your risk-taking profile.
Compared to most other Saturn SL2 owners, you certainly aren’t the type who squeezes a nickel to see if the buffalo will cough up a dime. No, not you. Quite the contrary. Let’s face it, you’re far too generous a person to be driving a Saturn SL2. So continue to “cast your bread upon the waters,” and Car-O-Scope will find a vehicle that’s more compatible with your generous nature.
Gee, this is interesting. Car-O-Scope has determined that you are a person who is quite concerned with status.
Have no fear, Car-O-Scope is here to save you from a life of misery, depression and hemorrhoidal flare-ups. Through a secret and proprietary process (patent pending) the official car-o-scope has determined that your psychographic and demographic profile is far more compatible with the following vehicles: some of these suggestions might surprise you. But try to keep an open mind. It’s quite possible that the car-o-scope has discovered some hidden and/or repressed aspects of your personality.

  1. Cadillac Catera
  2. Infiniti I30
  3. Mercedes Benz 320
  4. Infiniti J30
  5. Buick Lesabre

Those look like old fart cars to me, aren’t they? How come other people my age all need SUVs and I don’t even get a teensy weensy Toyota SUV?
I think I was average flaky and a super cheapskate. And generous?Which one is it?

Here’s my report. Prepare to laugh at me…

Wow, I asked for a compatible car for me and instead I got a tongue-lashing. Oh well. I’ll still stick with my truck.

A snobby cheapskate “woos” that has an over-developed left brain, and is not “touchy-feely” --> Louie

Hey Kat, wanna carpool with me in the utlra cool Buick Skyhawk?