Car radio with "Tivo" built in?

Does such a thing exist?

There are lots of National Public Radio programs I’d like to listen to that aren’t on while I’m driving that I’d like to record and listen to during my commute. By the same token there is the occasional time I’d like to rewind live radio the way that I can do with Tivo.

It seems like an idea that has some marketing potential. I realize I can probably buy some card to put in my PC to record certain radio programs in an MP3 format, but I spend most of my radio-listening time in the car and I don’t want to spend a lot of energy transferring MP3’s. I’d imagine the user interface on the car head unit would be a bit crowded given the limited space of a DIN slot, and there is no automatic program guide, but I’d love to see a car radio that can record programs at pre-selected times.

Any thoughts?

I’m sure what you’re thinking of is technologically feasible, but it would have such a small market that it wouldn’t be commercially viable.

NPR distributes nearly all of its programming through the Web, so I don’t think they are too interested in distributing it in such a way that you can listen to shows in your car when it’s convenient.

Thanks BobT

Your last sentence confused me so maybe to clarify… NPR wouldn’t have to do anything different to distribute programming, I just want to record their programming over the air so I can timeshift it and play it back later.

What I’d like is for the radio to record a program and store it for later so that I can listen to it during my drive. I know most radios have a lead so that they get power even when the ignition is off.

I don’t even care if it’s recorded on a hard drive, a tape, or some other medium.

I would think that just being able to fast-forward through commercials would have a vast appeal (and is part of the appeal of Tivo).

A company called PoGo has a product similar to what you’re looking for, though it’s a personal radio, not a car radio.

Unfortunately, many reviews at Amazon say that it’s a great concept, but not very well executed, so I’m waiting for the next gen or for some other company to take a crack at it.

But we wants one! We wants it badly!!!

Maybe we should just found NPR Addicts Anonymous, aaelghat! :slight_smile:


This PC TV card has an FM tuner built in, and the bundled software allows automated recording. You could burn the recording to CD-R and listen to in in the car that way. It’s really not as complicated as it sounds.

There are many others.


Not exactly what you are looking for butt…

Many radio programs are recorded and posted to newsgroups, you can download them then listen to them any way you want. I have a walkman type CD player ($50) that will play CDRWs and MP3s so I burn several shows to a CDRW then listen to them with a cassette adapter.