Car Windshield Sunscreens: Do they work?

I bought one of those reflective car windshield sunscreens today. Do they actually work? I live in the Dallas area and the temperatures are projected to be in the upper 90s with plenty of sun.

If this is more of an IMHO question, please move it.

Work for me, but they make seeing where you’re driving harder than hell.

They protect you from first degree burns on your hands when gripping the steering wheel plus your legs and back when setting down in the seat.

Yep, I’d say they work. They won’t keep your car nice and cool, but they will diffuse most of the heat and save you from getting into accidents because you’re shaking your hands alternately and/or driving with your knees because the wheel’s too bloody hot.

Here in the PNW, no need. No sun for you!

They work but don’t have unreasonable expectations of them. All you are doing is insulating part of the interior from direct solar energy. All that will do is serve to slow down how hot the car interior gets. You may also keep things like the steering wheel a bit cooler than they would be in direct sunlight.

Oh, I’ve gotten best results from a sunshade that has a thick layer of foam insulation, maybe 1/4" and mylar reflective color. I think I got mine at Costco

Yes, the sunscreens not only help keep your cars interior a tad cooler the sunscreens also protect your upolsery from sun damage

Holy cow, do they ever work. I couldn’t grip the damn steering wheel of my black-on-black Mondeo until I got one. Who the hell ever thought of getting a black-on-black (motor pool) car in the Sonoran desert?

Go for reflective mylar or white cardboard. They both work. The main purpose is to protect your dash and steering wheel, not keep the inside of the car cool. :smiley: