Solar powered car fans - do any of them actually work?

My cousin is thinking of getting a solar powered fan, but it doesn’t look to me like they work. Here is an example product.
Has anyone here tried one? I know nothing about them.

I don’t know whether the fan works, but the link sure doesn’t!

Crikey!! Try this.

Thanks Mama Z.

Fixed link:

I have them. They don’t cool the car as much as they’d like you to believe, but it does seem to help some.

It does seem less stuffy and hot when I have those things set up in my car. It may just be my imagination, but it seems like it helps my A/C cool my car off faster than without.

I have two of them. One for each back window.

I don’t see from the picture how you can roll your window up completely to keep rain out.

Magiver: I agree.

FalconFinder: What brand did you get, if you don’t mind my asking?

I don’t know the brand. I got them at Target, I believe. If not there, then Walmart.

They were fairly inexpensive.

Any identifying marks have been bleached away by the sun. I’m sure they’re all pretty much the same.

It’s basically a solar panel that powers a fan that directs air inside the car outwards.

Does it seal the gap when the window is rolled up?

I have a solar panel and was thinking of connecting it to a 12 volt fan with some duct work and exhausting the air into the trunk through a phony speaker grill.

My wife had some for her car, and they looked a lot like the one from Amazon. Yes, they work. With the windows all the way up, on a hot day, every part of the interior, including the steering wheel, was 180 degrees. With the fans, it was only about 20 degrees hotter than the outside temp.

The top of the unit, with sliding adapters, is made to keep the rain out. You’d think a 3-inch-square solar cell and a dinky fan wouldn’t have much effect, but it does. Does the fan on the shady side of the car work? Yes, it does.

That’s the only drawback to them. A hard rain will cause leakage.

But I’ve used them and they do help the interior temperature. But here in Houston, that can be a moot point in the summer. Yes, they can lower the car temp by about 20 degrees or so, but when that temp can get up to 140F…

Just ordered one.

Mine fit tightly in the window with these things that help seal it off. I have never had a water leak from the rain.