Carbonation and bubble size

I buy club soda, I buy cheap club soda, and I buy really cheap club soda. The really cheap stuff seems to have much larger bubbles than the others. Is this a thing, and if so why, or am I just making stuff up again?

Wild ass guess- The only thing I can think of in terms of ‘cheap vs not’ club soda is the difference in how pure the water they start with is (spring, distilled, filtered, plain municipal etc.)

Yeah- club soda’s force carbonated (i.e. they force CO2 into the water under pressure).

My guess is that the cheaper stuff verges on overcarbonated, and that’s why you get such big bubbles- there’s more CO2 coming out of solution faster, hence bigger bubbles.

I’ve wondered the same thing. From my perception, Perrier has larger bubbles and Pelligrino has smaller bubbles.