Career decisions--help!

Ok time for a little reintroduction:

Most of you know me as the mostly crazy lab tech. Yup, that’s me.

It’s july, time for me to start doing gradschool applications. And you know what, I don’t have a bloody clue where to go, so I’m hoping you PIs out there can offer some good advice about what schools I should look at.

Education: BA in Biology from Carleton College

I’ll be working in a HIV/SIV lab until next fall which will give me two years of bench work as a tech, and hopefully will result in at least a half dozen or so articles in the Journal of Virology (I know of 3 that are getting submitted there so far).

My problem: Poor GPA as an undergrad. I was lazy and particularly unmotivated outside of immunology and virology. But I have pretty solid lab grades.

Good things about me: >95%ile GRE scores and the two years or bench work.

I’m not to picky about where I end up going…

Goals: I’d like to do work with improper host-pathogen responses with viruses. Maybe do work on hemmoragic fevers, or counter bio-terrorism research. I’m very interested in extremely pathogenic viruses.

Any of you have any suggestions about programs?

I’m looking at (so far) the University of Washington, University of MN, and UofI/perdue (spelling?)