Caren needs you to stop stealing food from her children's mouths.

This is the most entitled, tone-deaf writing I’ve ever seen. The original article, lampooned across the web, has been deleted. The original author has even nuked her entire Medium account.

Some notable quotes:

If this belongs in The Pit, MPSIMS, or Cafe Society, I understand and thank you in advance for the move!

Ya know, before all this I was one of those few who wiped their ass with toilet paper, but now, EVERYONE, is jumping on the bandwagon.

The absolute best thing about this story is that her name is Caren.

I think this really belongs in the Pit, though, because I don’t think anyone is going to have a positive response.

She sounds like the sort of person who gets mad at me when my store is out of mangoes. If this was the pit I would say what I really think about that kind of person.

She says, “I also grow my own popcorn” but doesn’t explain why she doesn’t grow her own wheat. And why don’t people who bake bread that often buy flour in larger sizes than the five-pound sacks from the supermarket? It would be cheaper to buy the ten- or twenty-pound sacks, even if you have to go to a restaurant supply house.

BTW, got any links to some of the parodies?

Parodies may have been too strong of a word, but #spiteloaf and #spiteloaves are fun twitter hashtags for it.

I was once in a fairly fancy upper-end supermarket some years back where I was treated to someone having a complete meltdown at the meat counter because they were out of organic, free-range chicken. The regular chicken was clearly unacceptable and the poor counter-worker was getting his ass chewed because of the failure of the supply chain. It was a truly surreal, head-shaking moment.

Pit, for sure.

Caren was making bread before it was cool.

lol theres something you dont see much anymore … an entitled hippy

You really need to self-modulate if you’re going to go on a rant about a shortage of baking goods. The tone of your message is what everyone will remember, rather than its content. Nobody wants a bad yeast inflection.

Karen (I refuse to spell “Karen” with a C) has deleted her Medium account.

It makes sense–you shouldn’t post on Medium when you are being very small.

She should demand to see the manager of the Internet.

That was beautiful.

Poe’s law is in effect, but I call fake.

It’s 100% real; I’ve found Caren White’s work around the web on herb growing and gardening.

Hey, I’m with Caren … and all you poseurs who got into Lord of the Rings just because the damned movies made it popular … well, you’re just a bunch of dilettante geeks who care nothing for anyone but yourselves!!!

It just seems too perfect. Is it like those photos of the guy with a huge underbite owning a bulldog and the woman with the poofy hair owning a poodle?

I decided to start fermenting a bunch of stuff right before COVID. I’m not bandwagoning, it was unrelated!

Not for those of us who work at the grocery store. For us, that would be Tuesday.


You can just sit there and think about what you did, Mister.