Carey's Lucifer series

So I was flicking through my copy of Preludes and Nocturnes, and discovered, in the back, a five page promotional sample of Mike Carey’s Lucifer spin-off series. I hadn’t noticed it before somehow (just as well, actually. By locating it in Preludes and Nocturnes, DC spoiled the Seasons of Mists storyline. Bastards).

Anyway, like a fool I read it and decided I had to go and buy the first book of the series. I wasn’t even all that hooked on what I’d seen of the art and storyline, I just… had to, now I’d started the story :frowning: I’m funny that way.

I’ve just finished the second collection, Children and Monsters. Random thoughts on the series so far (minor spoilers will be included):

I often don’t care for the art. I really don’t like stylized, abstract art in comics.

Lucifer is a very cool character. Arrogant, manipulative, amoral… somehow likeable while being in no way nice or good… he’s like John Constantine without all the angst and self-loathing.

Speaking of whom, I’m glad that Constantine’s cameo in the second book was just that, a cameo. I like the character, but he doesn’t suit the ‘Lucifer’ world (well, I know it’s all the DC universe but… you know what I mean). Lucifer (I wish they’d come up with a different title for the series, so as to be able to distinguish between the character and his series) is dark epic fantasy, Hellblazer is gritty urban horror. For me, having Constantine be a part of the Lucifer storyline would be as jarring as having a superhero around.

I have mixed feelings about the storylines. They have the right feel; mystic intrigue and conflict in supernatural spheres, but they’re often too convoluted for their own good, and Carey takes his time unravelling them. Sometimes, they also just don’t quite ring true; they get vague and loosely plotted.

I’m curious about what will happen now Lucifer seems to have created his own cosmos.

I loved the subplot/framing narrative of the guy who was Elaine’s real father (but wasn’t). No powers, no occult knowledge, not even gritty willpower or cunning. And we watch him get cursed by a fallen angel, lose his only child, have his marriage fall apart, lose his job, attempt suicide, almost get arrested, get beaten up by a half-witted half-angel, get thrown from a great height, die and come back as a ghost miserable with the knowledge that his daughter trusts and loves the greatest betrayer of all time more than she does him. Looks like things can’t get much worse for him… but they probably will