Cargo 2009 sci fi film is really good!

I gave this film a chance on a whim and discovered a really good mostly hard sci fi movie, I think it was originally in German? but the copy I saw had English dubbing that was passable.

A woman working a shift on a space cargo hauler for money to join her sister on the terraformed colony of Ria notices something odd in a cargo bay, she investigates which leads to other crew being awakened and a murder on board. This leads to some shocking discoveries. To say more would spoil it.

The sets and special effects are good, with a gritty space trucker vibe like Alien.

If I have a complaint it is that some actors are poor, and they waste too much time before getting to the real plot.

Surprised this gem has hidden under the radar.

I enjoyed it too. The mystery was compelling and the space walk scenes were a lot of fun. I found the giant stubborn vault door to be slightly annoying though.