CarnalK, what in the holy, living fuck??

What the fuck is wrong with you?

You come in to this thread, in which Sinusoidal Saurus is talking about his father going through cancer and all of the emotional family stuff that goes along with it, and you take a giant, steaming dump in it which looks and smells like this:

Were you trying to be an attention whore or an asshole? Both? What’s your point, exactly?

So after Lynn told you not to be a jerk, you shat out this little nugget:

Maybe I’m just sensitive to shit like this because I went through something similar with my dad and I was expecting to participate in the thread with my experiences when, all of a sudden, I tripped over your festering piles. If you don’t care, then stay the fuck out of it and let people who do care, participate.

A well-deserved pitting.

CarnalK, that was really insensitive and boorish of you, and I think Sinusoidal Saurus is owed an apology.

I’m reading that thread right now… and holy crap. CarnalK deserves every bit of Doper drubbing he’s about to receive.

“Oh, your father’s got cancer? And you’ve got all sorts of other shit going on in your life, too? Well, then… let’s make this thread about ME and my lack of compassion for your situation.”

There aren’t enough :rolleyes:s. Hey, at least CarnalK seems well on his way to the banning he seems to want.

I wonder what side of the fence CarnalK was on in the Schiavo debate.
Is it possible he was trying to make a very (not-so) subtle point relating to another thread?

Over the past couple of days, there have been several threads that have compelled a few notable, and bunch of uninteresting and insignificant, dopers to show what kind of people are really sitting at the keyboard behind the persona. Some are unashamed to admit that for them, the pit is a place to enjoy being anonymously rude, with or without reason. Others stalk popular posters waiting for their chance to piss down the back of their necks. One even thrilled us with a non sequitur listing of her literary credentials.

The only thing that CarnalK did that was rather unique was remind us that there is some content that he, as paying member just doesn’t support. Well, that and telling Lynn she looked like an idiot and living to tell about it.

For me, it’s been a learning experience, and an unparalleled opportunity to identify who has head filled with rancid tripe.

Don’t feed the troll, folks.

In general, I don’t think assholism or jerkism should be grounds for banning, but I’d make a huge exception in this case. Sometimes the terms “asshole” and “jerk” are terribly inadequate. Maybe “fuckwad” comes closer.

Jesus Christ buddy. Yeah, there are going to be threads you don’t like or don’t think are in the right forum. Boo fuckin hoo. Don’t hijack 'em. If everyone made a personal crusade of shitting in every thread they didn’t think measured up to some “forum standard”, there wouldn’t be an unhijacked thread on the entire board.

I think that you have to show a history of being a jerk, rather than one flaming event before you are banned.

But I am just confused, his anger at the thread doesn’t make any sense.

He was making a point. Apparently you do have to be a jerk.

Yes - his comment there made me simultaneously gasp and laugh, nearly choking myself in the process.

I’ve got an idea. Let’s take up a collection and give it its money back. Then maybe it will go away.

I just read the thread now. Holyfuckingshit. Not only is he the Supreme SDMB Ruler of what is and isn’t allowed on the boards, he completely took a legit thread and not only shit on it, he shit on the OP, many Dopers and caused a multi-state trainwreck in the process.

Congrats CarnalK, this case will be remembered for a long time. Anytime some twat really gets on a roll, we can refer to it as another CarnalK Incident[sup]TM[/sup]. Man, you really suck.

Well if “insensitve” means I don’t take all the colorful pixel text to heart, then guilty.

And if “insensitive” means “asshole”, then I guess you’ve all got a lock on the case.

And if “asshole” means “jerk” I guess bannings on the way.

But I don’t think you guys are correct about any of that. Have fun bashing.

With his responses in the cancer thread, his response to this thread, and his starting a whole new thread to whine about the first two threads, I’ve reached the conclusion that CarnalK is bound and determined to make sure EVERYBODY knows what kind of poster he is.

Me thinks he intends to NOT renew and therefore would like to go out with a bang.

So, CarnalK, if you really don’t give a shit, then why’d you even bother posting that? Nobody asked your opinion on the subject.

Just curious.

BTW, it was a very shitty thing to say.

I actually signed up later than most older regulars so I have months past the renewal deadline the rest of you probably have. I’m forgoing any early-bird renewal specials and deciding whether I want to pay full price when my date is closer.

And no, I don’t need any of your help in the decision. :wink:

You know, all you feel good fuckers could actually start an MPSIMS thread - or is bashing me more fun? Haw.

Bashing you is more fun.

Just kidding.

What I noticed from this whole thing is that it just seems waaaaay out of character for you. You wouldn’t have been on my list of dopers to trainwreck a “Dad dying of cancer” thread. No matter what the reason.
I take it as an anomoly and personally won’t hold it against you.