Carnivale: ep. 6 Did anyone catch this?! (unboxed spoilers)

This is in regard to Carnivale episode 6: Pick a Number. The first time I saw the Dora Mae burial scene, I was watching the items being left and I thought I saw something odd at the end. I caught that scene again and I was pretty much convinced. A third time sealed it.

Did anyone else notice that someone threw a Butterfinger in the grave right as the scene was cut? Have Butterfinger candy bars been around since the 30’s with what looks to be very similar if not identical packaging? If not, do you think someone was just having fun on the set and editing didn’t catch it or left it in as a joke?

I went to and took the “Butterfinger on the Brain” quiz and got the following results.


I deleted this episode off the Tivo after watching it, but what candy bars were the girls stealing from the movie theater? I thought they were Bit-o-honey, but to be honest I wasn’t paying too much attention to the candy bars in that scene.

Could it have been one of those?

I believe it was definitely a Butterfinger. The shape and yellow wrapper are pretty distinctive.

I guess I wouldn’t find that to be a terribly odd parting gift from a friend, especially if the friend knew Dora Mae liked them. It just struck me as out of place since it looked like a 2000 era candy bar wrapper.

The wrappers don’t appear to have changed too much, at least on the front.

Good link!

I’ll have to see if I can record that episode or something. Too bad I wasn’t thinking about it last Sunday when HBO was playing the entire season to this point. That might have been what they were going for, but my feeling is that isn’t what they used. It looked a little too modern and shiny in the brief glimpse they give you.

Anyway, it’s just one of those odd little things that make me curious…