Food Products That You Miss

Ok, I was reading the thread about Twix and thought about all the food products that used to be made that I can never find nowadays. Here goes:

'Tato Skins - Man, those things were so good
Moores Tennesee BBQ corn chips - Best BBQ chips ever

Oh well, that’s all I can think of at the moment. Maybe I over estimaterd my material. :slight_smile: Anyone else have some to add to the list?


Big Stuff Oreos. The really, really huge cookies. When I was little I’d go on cross-country trips with my dad all summer in his Mack, and that was my treat while we were waiting in the yard for the trailer to be loaded or unloaded - he’d give me a Big Stuff and I’d sit there licking all the creme off it. It’d last the whole time. I wish I had a Big Stuff right now…

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Hey racinchikki, my dad is a trucker as well. :slight_smile: I used to go with him. It was terrific fun when I was a kid.
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Bullwinkle Pudding Pops.

There’s just something about sucking on a big chocolate moose.

hmmm maybe that didn’t sound quite right…

Bullwinkle Pudding Pops.

There’s just something about sucking on a big chocolate moose.

hmmm maybe that didn’t sound quite right…

Oops… sounds even worse when repeated twice :o

Anyone remember the Jubbly? For the uninitiated, this was a 3 dimensional pyramid-shaped object (can’t remember the exact geometrical term) comprising frozen orange juice. The consumer cut one of the corners off the pyramid and sucked a la ice lollipop. They seemed to last for ages.

Well, I miss 'em.


There are Tato Skins in our snack machine here at work! I thought they were defunct, too, until I saw them. Although…it could just be a REALLY old bag in there…

Hershey’s Goodnight Kisses Hot Chocolate Mix

Yummy it had little chocolate kisses in it that would melt as you drank the hot chocolate. Hehe and the powder before you mix it with milk is really good too :slight_smile:

They probably still sell it SOME places but I can’t find it anywhere :frowning:

**Wigwags. **

Those yummy, yummy braided chocolate and caramel things that Willy Wonka used to make. How I love them. How I miss them. DAMN YOU WILLY WONKA!!!

Squeez-Cheese. That canned stuff just can’t hold up to it.

Novus, Moore’s TN BBQ chips are still available. They’re made less than half a mile from where I’m sitting now.

Orion, my boss has a box of Hershey’s Goodnight Kisses in the pantry here. I think she got it at Big Lot’s or some other close-out store.

I miss those flour-tortilla chips with pizza seasonings, by Keebler maybe (Pizzarias?) and Jell-O Pudding Pops.

I miss Cornquistos.

They were like Combos, but they were a cylindrical corn chip thing around a filling–and the cool thing was, you could suck the filling out and then eat the shell

I loved 'em.

Please don’t judge.


Swede, you mean that stuff that came in a sausage shaped tube with a li’l kazoo-lookin’ thingy that the cheez squeezed outta? I haven’t thought of that stuff forever.

I know this is not exactly food nostalgia, but this is a no longer available food. Or “fewd” in this case. Did any one try the “Limited Edition” PowerPuff Girls Cereal? It was like Fruity Pebbles and Rice Crispies mixed with PopRox! Yummmm. Why can’t they bring that back and get rid of nasty crap like “Smart Start”? I also miss the original Now-n-Laters Green Apple, sort of like StarBurst on crank.


They were these really thick bars of chocolate, except they had been highly whipped so there were lots of air pockets in them. It filled your whole mouth with chocolate and then melted silkily away.

I made myself sick eating those things.

i miss gerber’s blueberry buckle. it used to great to feed the babies. bite for maggie, bite for mommy. bite for maggie, bite for mommy. that was good stuff.

Armadillo Eggs

Taco flavored Doritos. Not the crap currently going around disguised as Taco Flavored Doritos, but the originals. I could go through a bag of those in no time at all. I ate them all the time when I was a kid, and then they suddenly vanished down south. When I moved to Illinois I was delighted to see them again. Soon afterwards, Frito-Lay decided they tasted too good and changed the formula for them, turning them into crap.

For a while, there was a brand of chip called “Guys” that had a taco-flavored tortilla chip that was exactly like original TFD, but they stopped selling those too.

I also miss those round flat pretzel-chip things. I forgot the name. And Tato Skins. And Pizzarios or whatever they were called.

And Marathon candy bars.

Novus, I was in Michigan a couple of weeks ago and they had Tato Skins there. I bought a big bag. They didn’t last long.

I miss Rath’s Black Hawk Honey Cured Hams in the can. For a while my Aunt had to buy them at the Navy PX in Pensacola so my Mom could send me one every Xmas and birthday, and then they were gone from there too. Haven’t seen one in 15 years.

Keebler’s used to make a Salsa flavored Munch’ems cracker that I loved, so of course they dropped them.

Lactaid 100 2% Chocolate Milk. This was in the stores for about 6 months and it was Wonderful! I hadn’t drunk chocolate milk since I was a kid but I bought a carton every time I bought groceries. Then it disappeared. Bastards!