Carolyn Wonderland

A friend of mine saw her on TV and thought she’d be someone I’d like – I bought Miss Understood, and dang, my friend was right. It’s not a perfect album (“The Farmer Song”? Puh-leeze), but it’s a damn good one, and six months later, it’s still in the CD player.

All Music doesn’t seem to care overmuch for her other albums – Amazon fans give them all five stars – the truth undoubtedly lies somewhere in between.

Any fans here? Which CD do I get next?


Not familiar with her other than having heard her name, but wanted to commiserate on having one bad song stink up a whole album. I have a favorite album, but it had the song “Why don’t you love me like you used to do (why do you treat me like a worn out shoe…)”. Gah.

I am truly astonished that no one listens to her. I thought it was impossible for any pop culture phenomenon was too obscure to have multiple fans at the SDMB!

Well, I did have a chance to see her live at an event in Austin. Can’t honestly recall much of the “concert” - it was in a small bar somewhere (not on 6th St).

I don’t have any of her CD’s but she plays at Dan Electro’s fairly regularly here in Houston. She’s VERY wow–packs that place.

See! There are multiple fans!

I like her okay, but for Texas R&B I prefer LouAnn Barton.

She just got married to the old SNL Weekend Update commentator A. Whitney Brown and the wedding was covered in the NY TImes…

I hadn’t heard of her before that, but she sounds interesting.