Carrot cookery

I love carrots, and I really like to eat them raw. But they give me a pretty nasty sore throat when I do, a sore throat I never get from cooked carrots.

So, anyone have any good carrot recipes? The only thing I really know how to do with them is to chop them into a soup or roast them with some oil.

I await your guidance.

Does it have to be healthy?

‘Cus if not you can bake them with butter and brown sugar and they are frikin’ frakin’ fabulous!

It doesn’t have to be healthy, but I’ll admit to being a bit scared of sugar on a carrot. Would I like it if I really dislike candied yams?

Mashed potatoes with kale
Corn bread dressing with ham, fennel, and carrots
Puree of three root vegetables

Millet goes really well with carrots, and any root vegetable with a little sweetness.

Toast 1 1/2 cups of whole, hulled millet in the bottom of a heavy saucepan or dutch oven over medium heat until it turns light brown, smells nutty and starts to pop. Transfer the millet to a bowl. Saute some carrots (and/or pasnips, turnips, etc.) and onions in some oil in the bottom of the pot. If you want, throw in some raisins and saute them until they plump up. Add 3 cups of water, a stick of cinnamon, a few cloves, and a bay leaf. Cover tightly and cook over really really really low heat for 40 minutes. Fluff with a fork and remove all the spices.

It’s whole-grain-a-licous!

Chop them up, put them in a bowl with some honey and water, and steam them in the microwave quickly. Yummy.

Carrot Casserole
1 pound carrots, cooked, mashed
1 small onion
1 small green pepper
1/2 cup milk
1/3 cup sugar
1 cup cracker crumbs, half for topping, half for mixture
1/2 cup soft butter, a little for topping, remainder for mixture
salt and pepper, to taste
Mix together all ingredients, except for the topping. Pour into a casserole dish. Add crumbs and butter on top. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes until brown.

Traditional french cooking uses carrots as a seasoning. You chop 'em up, cook 'em in the sauce, strain them out, and toss them out.

Orange glazed carrots with tarragon

Slice carrots, or used frozen crinkle cut or baby carrots. Steam them until tender.

Melt a stick of butter, add a thawed can of orange juice concentrate, heat until hot and add 1 tablespoon fresh chopped tarragon.

Drizzle the orange glaze over the carrots and serve.

And don’t forget a sprinkle of Nutmeg goes nicely with simply cooked(or steamed) carrots. A bit of butter, and honey, is also nice.

Shredded with an equal amount of potatoes, fried with onions and garlic.

Whoops! Forgot to write that you should, of course, return the millet to the pot when you add the water.

Carrot Soup:
1tbsp ghee (clarified butter)
4 large carrots
1 cmall onion, chopped
1 small potato, chopped
300ml vegetable stock
600ml water
4 tbsp milk
heavy cream, to serve

Heat ghee and fry vegetables, add stock and water, cover and cook for 20 mins. Remove from heat, mash veg (or process in blender). Add milk and seasoning, cook for a further 5 mins, serve hot with a swirl of cream. This soup is also nice if you add cumin or caraway to the ghee.

Carrot cake is another good option , although you won’t taste the carrots, there are plenty of good recipes on the internet ( I like to use walnuts in mine) and as long as you make the icing (frosting) with cream cheese and icing (confectioner’s) sugar it’ll turn out well.

Probably. I HATE candied yams and love carrots that are boiled, then I mix brown sugar and butter in a pan till the butter melts, then add the drained carrots.

I like to roast baby carrots in orange juice with a little bit of honey and cinnamon. For a pound of carrots, I make one layer of them in a 9x13 glass baking dish. Then I mix together 1/2 or 2/3 cup of orange juice, 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons of canola oil, and a tablespoon of honey. Pour the liquid mixture over the carrots, cover the dish with foil, and bake at 400F for 30-35 minutes. Then take the dish out, remove the foil, mix the carrots around again to re-coat them with the glaze, and put it back in the oven uncovered for another 10 minutes or so until the liquid has reduced some more. The carrots should be tender enough to pierce with a fork, but not mushy. It’s delicious and flavorful, but not too sweet or sugary.

There you have it! Usually I fry the carrots in a pan with a bit of butter and honey, and sprinkle some nutmeg to go. Maybe a clove of garlic as well. Mhhhhh…

This may or may not be my mother-in-law’s Copper Pennies recipe, but she’s in Niceville and I’m up here in the Pittsburgh area so I don’t have the recipe handy. It is very, very close, though. You can use canned carrots instead of fresh cooked carrots, too. Also, she leaves out the chopped onion. We all love them!

Copper Pennies

If you use a peeler to create really long, thin strips of carrot (this works well with any root vegetable, by the way) you can blanch them in water and pour sauce on them, basically as a healthier alternative to normal pasta.

You could try carrot and coconut halwa, if you were hoping to get type II diabetes or pass out in a sugar-induced coma tonight.

I made it about two hours ago, so I consider myself well qualified to comment here. Can’t find a link to the recipe I used - it was from Nigella Lawson’s Feast. You don’t really need to worry about the taste of sugar and carrot together - this pretty much just tastes like sugar.