I kinda dislike carrots.

That is all.

it would be weird if you disliked spuds.

Try making a pumpkin pie, but with grated carrots in place of the canned pumpkin. You’ll never go back!!!

OP, you’ve gotta get your stuff together. You were just an order and a family from supreme irony, and then you go ahead and pit carrots! For shame, Jim, for shame.

What the hell is your problem with apiales anyway?

Fuck those orange witch-nose looking fuckers and their whole carotene-based agenda.

I demand that this controversial thread be locked by the mods immediately!

I kinda dislike Carrot Top.

And that ain’t all.

They’re boring as hell when they’re raw, but try cooking them up in a maple and ginger glaze. SO good.

No. The other way 'round without no icky glaze!!! :wink:

Good! That means at least someone will stay out of my lunch packing drawer. :stuck_out_tongue:

My husband agrees with you. We have many vegetable-based arguments.

And how do you feel about potatoes, Mr. Nightshade?

Potatoes are great. I like those.

Carrots are not great. You could say they are greatless.

This is a bit light weight for the Pit. Moved to MPSIMS.

Wait, I thought everyone liked Cpt. Ironfounderson.

Damn, now that this isn’t in the pit, I can’t use all the salty language I normally throw towards carrot-haters like you.

Miller, you’ve foiled me once again!

Ha! Take that you carrot appreciating nincompoop!

Carrots… best vegetable ever.

Edit: also best cake.

Well I like carrots. So there!

They’re better than green beans. Which isn’t saying much.