Crunchy carrots good.
Smushy carrots no.

You know what I miss? those precut carrot sticks they used to sell at the grocery store. Those were the only ones fit for eat’n with hot wings and dip’n in ranch dressing. Baby carrots just don’t even compare.

Know what mugwort is, or at least was, in Japanese? Shit carrot. Ayup.

Cake should not contain vegetables.

Obviously you’ve never tried cavegetableske.

I’ve never had a carrot. I was thinking about trying them, but orange food makes me nervous. Who knows, though? I just vegemite get around to it one of these days.

Ginger? Try boiling them in gingerale.

Sorry Carrot lovers, but you are all wrong.

Oh so wrong.

And I am right.

Thats all there is to it.

Carrots? These are not carrots, oh no! These are orange twiglets from Jupiter!

You know the best carrots are not orange. I am quite partial to purple myself.

There are purple carrotsyou know.

Eta as Madrabbitwoman said

I am intrigued.

I’m also partial to a maple and cinnamon combo.

Hmmm… honey and slivered almonds/sesame seeds is pretty good also.

Cooked carrots: no.
Raw carrots: yes.
Carets: only when necessary.

Peel and slice some raw carrots and put them in a wide pan, like a frying pan. Pour in just enough ginger ale to cover them. Add some butter, salt, and pepper. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer, covered, for five minutes. Remove lid and boil until liquid is almost boiled away, stirring occasionally. Optionally, toss with chili powder or parsley. Serve and enjoy!

And carats–bring 'em on!

Why does everyone hate ^^^^^ ?:frowning:

Creatures far more evil that you have tried to turn him to the dark side.

Just ahd a flashback to a friend who put sliced carrots into a frying pan with mounds of really sweet fresh Vidalia onions. She cooked them until they were just beginning to brighten, and then poured orange juice over the whole thing. Reduced it a bit, and then dropped it on our plates while the veggies were still crisp in the center.

Wow, yummy! I need to make that tonight.

Carrots cooked in ginger ale! That sounds very good. There might even be the genesis of a soup recipe in there.

Ahh…if this was a reference to the OP’s name, well-played.