Cars flying Ukrainian flag reported vandalized in Toronto

I have no words …

In at least one case, it was a guy who got out of a car flying a Russian flag.

I have a couple of Ukrainian car flags on order and will not hesitate to fly them.

Russia has been putting out a lot of propaganda, for years, about how horrible Ukraine is and how badly they treat Russian people. It’s not surprising that some people who identify as or with Russians would have bought into all that. I think there are plenty of people who believe Putin is a hero rather than a megalomaniacal villain.

I can’t imagine this is going to end well if Russian flag waving vandal douchebag tries to continue this stunt.

In fact, I predict it will end very badly for him.

This is very disheartening. I have no car from which to fly a flag,so I’ve been looking at pro-Ukraine tee shirts. Since I don’t have windows, I guess someone might try to smash my head.

Deportation to Mother Russia would seem like an ideal solution for all parties.

Hey, if that assailant is so convinced Ukraine is actually part of “Mother Russia”, then why not deport him to Kiev?

I downloaded some faces to my smartwatch that feature the Ukrainian colors and messages of support for Ukraine. I hope that doesn’t spur anyone to an assault.

My Ukrainian car flag delights me.

The Canadian men’s curling championship started last night with a very stirring rendition of the Ukrainian national anthem. The TV display showed the words in both Ukrainian and an English translation. It was quite moving. This took place in southern Alberta (Lethbridge).

I’ve got a 'F_CK PUTIN" Ukrainian flag bumper sticker on my car. No vandals (yet).

I’m in Lethbridge. When I was out and about today, I saw a few cars flying Ukrainian flags. No Russian flags, though.

I occasionally give to, who send me car decals of progressive icons like RBG, or slogans like Black Lives Matter and Count Every Legal Vote, for example. I have never displayed them, because I don’t want some psychopath Republican to key my mother’s new car.

Likewise, I don’t wear shirts or any other clothing that is political in nature, for the same reason. So I probably won’t display the Ukrainian flag.

I did, however, donate $5 to (out of the paltry $200 I have left until our next payday on the 23rd, not including EBT money) to help with housing for Ukrainian refugees, and I encourage other people to do the same.

I’m trying to get a Ukraine flag for my flagpole, but FlagShop (the main Canadian flag chain) says that they’re hard to get just now. Have put in an order; will wait to see if anything comes.

I live a few blocks from a Ukrainian credit union. Quite a few cars in the neighborhood have displayed Ukranian flags for years. I was surprised when I shopped at the local Soviet market last week that there were no big Ukranian flags or anything. I just went there to get milk a few hours ago. They now have prominent signs with the flag and text about donating to Ukranian charities.

Sadly, it will probably be several weeks before I get my car flags. I’d cancel if I could find a local outlet. Google hasn’t turned up anything.

Did you try Flag Shop in Toronto?

I’ll call them tomorrow. Their website seems to suggest that they are out of stock. There is a notice on the online shopping page that they’re having a hard time keeping Ukrainian flags in stock, and the one I clicked on says “add to wish list”, not “add to cart”. The physical store is not in a convenient location but if they do have stock I’d probably drive down there and make a stop at Pusateri’s while I’m in the Big City for some upscale groceries. :slight_smile:

My mom told me she’s sending me a Ukrainian flag for my pole, as well. She said it’s 4x6’ which is too big really for my wall-bracket diagonal pole, but we’ll see.

I got an email that my flags have shipped before I had a chance to call the Flag Shop. Looks like they’re out of stock anyway. Sadly, all the available flags on are being sold by third parties, not fulfilled by Amazon, so delivery is slow. You wouldn’t think that a flag would be a hard thing to get!

Try Etsy? I’ve got a cute sunflower pin in blue and yellow on the way, and there’s a wide range of Ukraine-support items on there.

Or maybe eBay?