Cars I have Owned

That’s really not all that fast, ya know.

Not counting ones I just got to fix up and sell; staying to just ones I put some miles on:

1958 Edsel Pacer
1959 Edsel Villager Wagon (still my personal all-time favorite)
1972 Ford Pinto
1984 (I think) Chevette Scooter
1992 Ford Escort
1997 Saturn SW1 (I believe)
2004 Saturn Vue

Usually cars have been secondary vehicles for me so the miles (and change) comes a little slow.

The car I have now is the only one I ever owned, a 2006 Malibu. I learned to drive later on in life (starting at age 27) - I live near a big city with reasonable public transit, plus I’m not very comfortable driving, plus I’m not that into cars and driving in general, plus I’m a bit uncomfortable (at best) with driving as I’m not very experienced. Also, it may be a generational thing - people of the younger generation don’t seem to prioritize car ownership in the way that previous generations did.

It’s only by chance that I even have a car at all - it was my mom’s car, but she became unable to drive, and since I was learning to drive, the car got passed to me.

Drove a 1960 pink Rambler Super in high school. It was my mother’s car. :o

1959 Plymouth station wagon, purchased in 1969 on Adak Island for $300, left dead on the side of the road
1968 Plymouth Sport Satellite (318), new
1971 Plymouth Sport Suburban station wagon (383) (fake wood paneling and all), new
1985 Ford Country Squire station wagon, loaded, new
1976? Mercedes 240D clunker, way used
1988 Plymouth Caravan (used)
198? Fiat Panda (as a second car)
198? Euro Ford, after selling the piece of shit Panda
1993 Toyota Corolla, new (sold in Africa around 1996
1991 Jeep Wrangler (took it to Africa and sold it there a few years later)
1998 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, new
1992 Winnebago Warrior RV, very used
2001 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, new
2003 Honda CR-V, new
2004 Bigfoot motor home, new
2006 Chrysler 300, new (loved that car)
2008 Saturn Vue, new
2010 Pleasure-Way motor home, new
2011 Toyota Prius IV, new

You can certainly see the child rearing years in that list.

You mean you have never bought a used car. They’re all used after you drive them home. :stuck_out_tongue:

1965 Buick Wildcat (giant, worn-out beast with a huge V8, rolling on four bald snow tires; unsafe at any speed)
1967 Plymouth Satellite (2-door, tan with red interior, pretty car but a bit of a slug)
1972 Ford Pinto Station Wagon (another gutless wonder)
1954 Buick Super (2-door, white over black, could almost see Humphrey Bogart driving it)
1968 Lincoln Continental (showroom condition, got it for $350 plus the Buick; had it all of three months before some fool totaled it in a hit ‘n’ run)
1975 Volkswagen Rabbit (first car bought new; wonderful to drive when new but fell to pieces within two years)
1978 Chevy Malibu sta wag (I actually got rejected by an attractive young lady I was dating when I showed up to take her out in it)
1981 Audi 4000 5+5 (still my favorite car to have owned)
1978 Dodge Omni (a throwaway to keep around in the States while I was spending most of my time overseas)

About ten years in Europe without a car of my own

1990 Ford Ranger pickup (another vehicle I loved, but even more gutless than the Pinto)
2001 Subaru Impreza Wagon (one owner, still have it with 177K on the clock)
2008 Nissan Altima (Comfortable, pleasant to drive and stone reliable, but not…thrilling)

I’ve only owned 4 cars during the past 47 years, because I don’t drive all that much and I tend to keep them forever.

1961 Mercedes 190D (diesel), purchased in 1968 (I think) and sold maybe around 1976. It had a very comfortable bench front seat and the stick shift was on the column. 3 speeds, if I remember correctly.

1974 VW Dasher, purchased in 1976 and sold in 1980 when I went overseas on sabbatical. I loved this car. Chrome yellow, 4 speed short-throw stick on the floor, and (to me) very zippy. Lots of room in the back as well.

1980 Dodge Colt (aka Mitsubishi Mirage). Another 4 on the floor but not zippy. Your basic econo-box, practical but unromantic. My first new car. Rear-ended and totaled in 1997.

1997 Kia Sportage, 5 speed stick, also purchased new. Again, a very practical car, and I like that the driver’s seat is high off the floor, that seems to work better for a tall person like me. This is my current ride. The body frankly looks like hell, but even though I do next to nothing for the engine, it still runs like a top, and the interior is still quite presentable. However, I will probably get rid of it soon as I am afraid of it breaking down and stranding me somewhere, which is no more than I deserve for taking such crappy care of it.

My next car will probably be a Subaru Outback, recent vintage but not new, and it may be my last car ever. I promise to service it regularly, and stroke it and love it and polish its knobs and furbelows.

In more or less chronological order, many of these overlap each other:

1963 Chevy Nova station wagon, first car, cost me $185
1969 Chevy Impala, gift from parents after Nova blew its tranny–would have preferred to keep the Nova.
1956 Plymouth two door station wagon–named Bessie
1967 Mercury Cougar–only Ford I’ve ever owned
1980 Chevy K5 Blazer
1985 Chevy Sprint–60mpg, loved it. First car purchased new.
1979 Toyota pickup
1977 Toyota pickup
1976 Toyota pickup. I like Toyota pickups.
1984 Honda Civic hatchback
1989 Chevy G10 van–Time Bomb, propane powered, still own
1989 Chevy Cavalier Z24–Firefly, killed by a garbage truck
1995 Toyota Camry–Agnes, recently deceased
1992 Dodge Dakota–Wilbur, current daily driver

Next car is gonna be a Subaru.

1969 Chevy Nova. Straight six automatic. Bought it for $700 from my friend’s father in my senior year of High School in 1982. Four year later it sucked a screw into the carb and blew up the engine.

1977 Honda Civic. Four speed manual tranny. Manual choke. I had a lot of artist friends who painted various things on it. It lasted four years before it croaked.

1986 Mitsubishi Might Max. Only two years old when I bought it in my last year of grad school. I drove it for over ten years.

1994 Honda Accord. Bought new for my wife but I got it when the truck died in 2000 and she got a new car. She did most of the driving so she got the newer cars. It started having issues so I traded it in for a…

2007 Honda Accord which I still have. I’ll have it for a couple more years or so. It just rolled over 100k miles.

In order of ownership:

1973 Chevy Vega
197? Toyota Corona mk2
1981 Chevy Chevette
1985 Honda Prelude
1983 Porsche 911
1966 Roll-Royce Silver Shadow
1983 Porsche 944
1983 Porsche 928
2003 BMW 325
2003 BMW Z4
2007 BMW Z4 M Coupe
2000 BMW Z3 coupe
20?? Smart ForTwo
2012 Fiat 500
2011 Mini Cooper
2007 Porsche Boxster
1997 Dodge Dakota (current)

I’ll do the bikes
1978 Honda CB400T (bought new, rode until I quit riding in 1985)
1978 Honda CB400T (returned to riding in 2000)
1989 Honda Hawk GT
2006 Honda CBR600RR
1973 Honda CL350 (current)
1978 Yamaha XS400 (current)

1979 Chevy Monza (Drove it into the ground, poor thing)
1981 Pontiac Trans Am (Only car I ever cried over when I sold it)
1987 Pontiac Fiero (VERY short ownership. Was afraid I’d kill myself in it)
1987 Pontiac Sunbird (Nice, unassuming ride. Few memories)
1991 Chevy Geo Tracker (Loved it. Until a rear wheel fell off)
1997 Pontiac Grand am coupe (Longest ownership of any car)
2004 Chysler Sebring LXI coupe (Current ride)