Carson Daly Last Call

I know a lot of people don’t like this dude. I never saw “TRL” (that the right show), but he seems to have a nice show on NBC. He has some great guests, and he asks ‘harder’ questions than most late night hosts do. Yet I don’t hear anything good about the show. If I do hear about it it’s bad. Had he done something to piss people off. Is it just my world that people can’t stand the site of him, (they say he’s ugly too… I don’t see that?), or is this a national thing? I’ve seen only 3 shows, but I could be a casual watcher. Anyone else watch? Anyone know how it’s doing for it’s time slot?

I can’t express how much I hate that Eclipse commercial where a woman is having a monkey-seizures in the car!! Just thought I would add that in.

He’s basically just dull. He’s not interesting, has no real interviewing skills (just reads prepared questions off a card), and isn’t any funnier than the average person. I do admit that he does get good guests (presumably through his MTV connections). But there are thousands of people in this world who could do his job better than him. He’s an average Joe who got a lucky break to end up where he is. His success isn’t based on any unique talent.

He tries to be cool by attempting to host a late night show for adults…too bad he sucks at it…he should just stick to TRL and the rest of his army of teeny-boppers…


I heard him say on a talk show that originally he wanted to be a priest.

Don’t take my word, for it though-my memory could be faulty.

He is the Richard Roeper of talk shows.