Did anybody else catch it tonight?

I thought it was pretty funny, and definitely ended with me wanting more.

I thought the best part was when their landlord really turned out to be a Nazi And the fake mustaches bit was great, too.

It was interesting and amusing, but the only part that made me chuckle was when that woman fell in love with him in like 3 seconds. The rest was just really, really random. I’d watch it again but it’s certainly not going in the TiVo schedule.

I have a serious crush on Michael Ian Black. I’d watch him eat a shoe. I liked the show. It was, as previously stated, random, but also funny. I’ll watch it again. I have a feeling it won’t be renewed, however

I watched it at 9:00, and it was just the three of them doing so-so stand-up. Did they have a different episode later that night?

Yes, it aired at 10:30, after Reno 911!.

I came on here expecting to see a fairly large thread on the show, but it looks like few watched it. I thought it was great, but I like that random kind of humor. My personal favorite part was the Ed Norton cameo (what the hell has he been up to?). I also enjoyed the standup quite a bit.

Indeed. What you saw was just a stand up act by the same trio, through “Comedy Central Presents”. The actual show “Stella” came on at 10:30, as mentioned by UrbanChic.

As far my thoughts on the show, I found it to be rather quirky. I enjoyed it, and I will probably be viewing it again in the future.

Shoot, I missed it! Do you know if they’ll be rerunning the first episode?

I missed it, but I caught some of the previews-I know Michael Ian Black was a member, but aren’t the rest of them from The State as well?

Yes, and so are Thomas Lennon and Kerri Kinney from Reno 911.

The episode has been available on the web for a while now. Legally thanks to Comedy Central and a sponsor. turned me on to that.

You know what it felt like? LIke watching a long short at a film festival. Enjoyable, the tail part cracked me up. Hard to say if I’ll keep tuning in. I guess it depends if I’ll feel like I’ve “been there, done that” with the next episode.

Do it. Do it. DO IT!

Ahem. Sorry. I just cought the rerun on my TiVo. Very amusing, but I doubt it will last longer than a few episodes.

Sorry! Stella had me hooked with the first stand-up special on Comedy Central.

Johnny Blue Jeans is Johnny Goddamn funny, and anyone he carries up to the “small screen” is okay by me.

I liked the first episode and hope to see more.

Is it only me, or did the downstairs neighbors look totally hot? What are these guys thinking? ;D

I was a big fan of The State, and I’m stoked to see so many of them on Comedy Central.

I’d seen many of the online clips of Stella, and was kind of turned off by their overly edgey quality. I feel that the show is very much improved by the need to be a bit less edgy for basic cable.

It’s kind of random, but I thought the Stella pilot was pretty good. I hope Comedy Central gives them a good chance to develop the show.

And here’s hoping that the increased exposure helps to bring about the much needed State DVD!

Frankly I thought it was hilarious! Just silly and random humor, but it worked. I especially loved when they did the dance for the co-op board and then couldn’t buy it because… well they didn’t have any money. And the ‘mustache’ disguises working was great as well!

Definetly something I’ll catch every week.

“We’re not skunks, we’re skunk people.”

Watching this show at a friend’s house made me really miss having cable. Will future episodes be available online too?

I didn’t really find any particular point in the show to be all that funny, yet once it ended I found myself chuckling and wondering what the hell I had just seen. Whether that counts as success, I’m not sure. I’ll have to catch another episode or two.

I loved these guys on The State, and I love the movie Wet Hot American Summer, so I really want to like this show. The first episode was sorta eh but I got more laughs out of the second one. I’ll keep tuning in!