So, Stella just aired its fourth episode on Comedy Central. Any thoughts?

I loved the State, and I want these guys to succeed. And I want to like this show.

But I dunno. I loved the first episode. But subsequently, they seem to be achieving little more than goofiness. I like the concept of the show. I like the production values, the music, the cast, the costumes, obviously the actors.

But it seems not to rise much above surrealism for the sake of whimsy. I’ll continue to watch. But I’d understand if it were cancelled, and probably not shed many tears. These guys can do better than this.

Have you ever seen their DVD or any of their stage performances? They’ve been doing this Stella bit for years; I think one challenge they’re facing right now is working clean for the network; if you’ve never seen the DVD, well…it’s one of the more obscene works of humor I’ve seen. Hilarious, and never cheap, but it seems like the over-the-top obscenity is a crucial element of the sort of deconstructionist Three Stooges thing they’ve got happening.

I love the show, myself, but I can see where it’s not appealing to everyone.

Well, here’s the thing. I haven’t seen the DVD, but I’ve seen their online stuff, which I gather is the source for much of the DVD (please correct me if I am mistaken).

I find this material too self-consciously edgy. I welcomed Stella’s place on basic cable in large part because they would have to cut down on the shock humor, which I have little patience with.

But unfortunately, they haven’t yet (with the exception of the first episode shown) caught their stride.

As I have said, I loved the State. I will cut anyone from that show a great degree of slack. But Stella is IMHO running a bit behind Reno 911, and that is damning with faint praise. Of course, YMMV.

I’m loving Stella so far. I was a big fan of the guys from The State, and Stella has not disappointed me yet. Of course, I’ve seen the last two episodes but missed the first two. They honestly bring to mind the Marx Brothers and the Three Stooges, which is high praise coming from me. They are extremely self-conscious, but to me that’s part of their charm. Oh, and I could never get into Reno 911 at all, despite the presence of more State alumni.

WARNING: Comedy Central is showing all four episodes of Stella tonight at 2 AM, so set your VCR or Tivo!

The Kids in the Hall at their worst (that would be Mr. Heavyfoot) are better than these guys. It’s absurd for the sake of absurdity which is boring. Of course Michael Ian Black (MIB does for comedy what Agassiz Glacier does for a cup of coffee) annoys the hell out of me, so there’s that to contend with also.

I was actually a little disappointed with the first episode but think it’s gotten better with each one since. I have to give them a nod for some good guest appearances so far (Ed Norton, Alan Ruck, Sam Rockwell). I’ll keep watching!

Now I could never get into the Kids in the Hall, even the allegedly “classic” sketches. But I just really dig Stella.

I, for one, love Kids in the Hall, and wouldn’t be trying to draw comparisons between it and Stella. Different styles, as far as I’m concerned.

Agreed, saramamlana. Stella is not exactly a sketch comedy. It seems to be more like an extremely odd sitcom parody.

Maybe that’s what I’m missing here. The major post-State projects (Viva Variety, Wet Hot American Summer, Reno 911, Stella–am I missing anything?) have all been chiefly character based–each actor sticking to one role. What I liked about the State was seeing these actors in a variety of characters (I don’t watch Reno 911 as often as I should, but I seem to recall Kerry Kinney occasionally doing multiple roles).

By the way, if ever I meet Kerry Kinney, I will have to propose marriage to her. Therefore please keep her away from me.

OK, I guess that would be Kerry Kenney. And she’s apparently already married. Alas, back to lusting after the fictional Natalie from Sports Night for me.

Let’s hear it for fictional babes.

You know Kerry Kenney has a band, right? They’re called Cake Like, and they play some pretty wild chick-rock.

Cake Like.

Also, the State.

I’ve seen one episode. I thought it was charming. Not laugh out loud except maybe once or twice.

I liked The State, loved KitH, and I’ve been loving Stella. The ultra sugary endings get me everytime. I understand the show takes a very specific sense of humor to like , so I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t stay on past the first season.

Where would I find the DVD or the online stuff?

I love Stella. After the first episode, I knew I wanted to keep watching it, but I couldn’t understand why. Now I’ve just accepted that I have this weird sense of humor and go with it. I’m also a huge Reno 911 fan, I guess I jsut like this type of show.