Stella 7/12/2005 - Unboxed Spoilers

This thread contains unboxed spoilers.

You’ve been warned.

I don’t really think Stella can actually have spoilers, but there you have it.

[sub]Is this enough space so the spoilers won’t show on preview?[/sub]

I still like this show. Here are some funny quotes, memorable moments and random thoughts for Tuesday’s ep:

  • M. Showalter: “Them are the real losers”
  • Am I the only one who thinks Paul Rudd is smoking hot?
  • Sam Rockwell as the mustache dealer? Funny. Michael Ian Black using a jeweler’s loupe to look at the “merchandise”? Even funnier.
  • What do people wear to the office? Tuxedos, of course!
  • Michael Ian Black likes his coffee like he likes his women: strong, black and proud.
  • I would like a copy of that Dali/Bunuel-esque PowerPoint presentation for my next meeting.
  • M. Showalter: “And then I say something!”
  • I wasn’t keen on the ending.

Feel free to share your thoughts

I thought of you when he said that, and hoped you might get a kick out of it!

This was the first time I’ve caught Stella, and I laughed all the way through. I like those guys a lot; I have ever since The State. I’ll definitely tune in to see it again!

This was the second episode of Stella that I had seen, and laughed the entire time.

My favorite parts:
-Sam Rockwell- “I never use my own stuff”
-The “Higher and Higher” song that was also used in Wet Hot American Summer
-The powerpoint presentation. I would have stayed awake in so many more meetings and classes if the Stella guys made the presentations.

He is most definitely hot. I was surprised and happy to see him on the show. Also excited about Sam Rockwell, because he is also hilarious and dead sexy.

I loved the way they did the mustache dealer’s house. It was a perfect copy of every house I’ve ever gone to to score some…er…mustaches.

I want to be in Stella. They look like they’re having so much fun.

You know, there’s something very Firesignish about this show.

This was the first ep. I’ve seen. It has potential.

The “No, YOU wait a minute” usurping scene from Chairman–>DA–>Mayor–>Citizens to song was painfully too long.
His powerpoint presentation and the applesauce down the pants was really funny though. As was the dramatic

clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…“That was the WORST presentation I’ve ever seen!”