New episodes of Reno 911

Anybody watching the new episodes on Comedy Central? I love the show: Junior (besides reminding me of half the people I grew up with) absolutely cracks me up. But I have to admit that the first couple of epsiodes so far this season have seemed to be a little flat. I hope it’s just that this four episode story arc (going back to last season) ran out of steam. The show is much better when it’s a series of stand-alone, largely improv skits that let the actors completely riff without having to advance any kind of plot.

Now that the deputies are back on the job, though, I have high hopes.

Yup. I absolutely love this show–the new episodes so far haven’t been great, but I’ve still been pretty amused. I loved Trudy’s “Bed & Breakfast,” and (I forget who it was–Junior?) saying “That’s OK, everyone does bad things sometimes. I like child pornography!” to talk down the rampaging ex-DA at the end of the last episode. And the American Idol scenes were decent.

Agreed. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season now that they’re cops again…

Haven’t caught any of the new season, but I have to agree that the stand-alone, improv stuff is what drew me to the show in the first place.

My favorite moment is when they shoot the dog.

Junior running the carnival ride was classic. By far the funniest stuff they’ve done so far. And the child pornography line was his as well.

I loved the first scene in the dayroom after they’re cops again; they’re so depressed to be back they can hardly look at each other. Great stuff.

Woo hoo! I love the show. Haven’t seen any of the new eps yet, but I’ve got the DVR set to record them.

I loves me some Reno 911!

I love the show too, and I agree that the little improv pieces are the best but the characters have been great as well. Junior cracks me up a lot as does Dangle. I guess they had to contrive something to reset from last season’s finale which landed them all in jail (the little coda to last season with all new deputies was great. I loved when Martin Mull and Wayne Brady were taunting the regular cast as they picked up litter…“That orange is a lovely shade of bitch.” “Remember, dogshit counts as litter too.” “I want free.”). But now that we’re back to normal, i hope we can get some more of the the little inconsequential sketches which make the show great. I can’t wait for the first Dangle/stolen bike gag. That never gets old for me. :smiley:

I love the show. My favorite scene by far in the new season was them watching the rape video. Funniest thing I’ve seen all year. Especially at the end, when they explain that they can’t help because their jurisdiction only goes to the Orange Julius.

“See what they’rre doing there? And with what?”
“That’s your shoe!”


“How…? Why…? …are you still standing?!”

Every line and reaction shot in that scene was awesome.