Cartoon characters and hammerspace

Most anybody who grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons is familiar with with hammerspace, of course, but in case anyone doesn’t know the term, here’s a definition:

But can anybody name any cartoon characters especially notorious for their use of it?

Bugs Bunny, of course. And the Coyote. Where do you think he got the signs from?

The Roadrunner did this on occasion.

Why is Ranma such an insensative jerk? (Of Ranma 1/2)

Because Akane is too active with her use of the hammer. It isn’t good for the poor boy.

I thought the Coyote mail ordered his stuff from Acme.

In videogames, Snake from Metal Gear Solid and any of the Grand Theft Auto heros seem to pull stuff out of their ass.

Goddamn, I hate her. And what’s with pulling microphones out of thin air every five minutes (in the manga)?

It’s like a bag of holding!

WB made it an intrinsic part of Wacko’s character on Animaniac and even had in jokes about it.

Capt Caveman is another, {if far less funny} example of where they took it to an extreme.

And let us not forget Felix the Cat’s Magic Bag

Bender from Futurama

That’s been a staple of computer games since year dot. Way back in 1988 Leisure Suit Larry 2 made fun of this by animating the title character shoving a garbage can sized cup of coke into the hammerspace of his jacket pocket.

Eric Cartman’s ass.

That was only twice that I recall and both had caroon logical reasons behind them. I don’t think it really Qualifies. But I will admit to the sheer size as being impressive.

Screwy Squirrel.

Harpo Marx’s pockets were gateways to hammerspace.

Agh, you beat me to it. The only real person I can think of who did the same thing with his coat… the fish, the flash, the flute, the flask…

The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a candle. Burning. On both ends.

Sheer genius.

Have to admit, I’d never heard of Screwy Squirrel and thought you’d meant Secret Squirrel… but apparently Screwy is really real. How screwy.

Anyway… the aforementioned Secret Squirrel could whip open his coat and have almost anything he needed. Inspector Gadget had a gadget for every situation too.

I don’t know his name, but one of the Harlem Globetrotters (best known for a guest appearance on Scooby Doo, but they did have their own show for a while) who could draw almost anything out of his hair.

Didn’t he costar with Boris the Bear? I loved Boris, not so much Wacky. (No, wait, it was Wacky Squirel I am thinking of. :smack: )

I have it on authority that Misty from Pokemon is especially notorious for this and it even involves a hammer.

Screwy was great. The cruelest little S.O.B. Tex Avery made. A lot of hit toons would fit.

Popeye somehow always had a can of spinach in his shirt.