Case Sensitive Has Been Sent To His Room Without Any Dinner

In view of repeated moderator infractions in this thread despite numerous warnings, Case Sensitive has been sent to his room without any dinner. He may come out when the board staff are ready to play nicely with the other children.

It is almost safe to come out. Just a few more hours. Meanwhile I suggest hiding under the bed for additional safety and comfort.


If you put your fingers in your ears and say “Lalalalalalalala” it seems to help.

Well maybe but I as I recall blasting Led Zeppelin Four with the volume turned up to 11 works even better.


::Knock Knock:: It’s safe to come out now. All is clear.

Well, I just hope that a few people have learnt their lessons from this little episode.

Can I have some ice-cream? {sniff}

That’s “May I have some ice cream,” and no, you may not.

But the hot sauce is burning my tongue!

Well, okay, you can have some, but give some to your dog.

It could just be me, but is anybody else visualizing Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles with the gun to his own head?

No no no! You must stay on TOP of the bed, under the covers and you must not allow any part of you to fall over the edge of the bed or They will get you!

You people are Silly. I love you all. :smiley:

Say hello to Tom Cruise and John Travolta while you’re in there.

Tom’s in the closet.