Casey Anthony all over TV a-gain

Due to this video that she’s released or she made anyway and somebody put on the Internet.

She’s very proud of her new dog who’s as much her’s as the ones she buried where Caylee was found. She doesn’t mention Caylee but does brag about her new computer and webcam, saying

Which if I were one of her parents would make me ask “And who’s fault is that, Little Missy Miss-Miss? You got a little girl but you wouldn’t water her or feed her and look what happened!”

I feel sorry for that poor dog though.

People won’t be able to forget her if she continues to put herself in the public spotlight… doesn’t she realise that?

I think Casey should make more videos, give interviews, write a book, go out dancing, etc.

(She’s on my Death Pool list this year).

God, that’s evil.

And made me laugh out loud at work!


I’m really surprised she hasn’t done a nude spread. Supposedly she’d had offers.

Which makes me wonder what she’s living on: her family wasn’t rich before- comfortable at most- and they spent most of what they had during her trial.

For that matter, did her lawyers get anything out of the trial other than publicity? Because their bill had to be well into the six figures, easy.

Hee hee.

Maybe she’s waiting until any statute of limitations for civil lawsuits expires so that she can keep the proceeds of any money making venture she embarks upon?

Legal question: if she did one now, made- let’s say, $500K, could they force her to put the money into escrow until the civil suit went to trial? Because if not she could put in her mattress or wherever and say “nope, spent it, I’m broke”.

Well it could have been a sex tape between Casey and Baez.

That would have given Nancy Grace something to screech about. :smiley:

Yay, another video! You go, girl!