CAST the Remakes of Older Movies for fun

Can you think of any older movies that you would like to remake and who would you cast in the main roles…I was thinking about this the other day when I saw another thread, I would have liked to have remade Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with either Eddie Murphy or Robin Williams as Willy Wonka and “Bow Wow” as Charlie.

Flight of the Navigator with Alan Cumming as the space ship.
I welcome suggestions for david.

BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN- Jeremy Irons as the Monster, Kate Winslet as Mary Shelley/The Bride, Jeffrey Combs as Henry Frankenstein, Winona Ryder as Elizabeth, Ian McKellen as Dr. Praetorius, Rob Schneider (playing it straight) as Karl

Beat that!

Batman & Robin


Morgan Freeman as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Patrick Stewart as Dick Grayson/Robin

Lindsay Lohan as Barbara Wilson/Batgirl

Tobey Maguire as Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze

Rosie O’Donnell as Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy

Also featuring:

William Shatner as Bane

Keanu Reeves as Commissioner Gordon

And guest-starring The Rotting Corpse of Vincent Price as Alfred Pennyworth
Hey, I’d watch it :smiley:

Sorry, you’re too late. Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka.

BELL, BOOK & CANDLE with Tom Hanks as (Jimmy Stewart), Catherine Zeta Jones as (Kim Novak), Robert Downey Jr. as (Jack Lemmon), Andrea Martin as (Elsa Lanchester), and Bea Arthur as (Hermione Gingold).

SUNSET BLVD with Susan Sarandon as Norma Desmond, Patrick Stewart as Max, Jude Law as Joe Gillis and Tom Selleck as Ike as Cecil B. Demille.

CLEOPATRA starring Halle Berry as Cleo, Patrick Stewart as Julius Caesar, Colin Farrell as Mark Antony (or Danny Devito if you want historical accuracy), Macauley Culkin as Octavius and Lisa Bonet as Arsinoe.

HERCULES starring Vin Diesel as Hercules, Viggo Mortenson as Zeus, Jodie Foster as Hera, Demi Moore as Hippolyte and Ian McKellen as Hades.

:smiley: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck :rolleyes:

in :dubious:

Midnight Cowboy :eek:

Yeh I know, Johnny Depp will make a good Wonka but so would Eddie Murphy or Robin Williams. :wink:

I think both of them should be banned by law from making movies that are happy instead of funny. Williams has been torturing the world with ‘feel-good’ movies for years, and people who’ve seen Eddie Murphy be funny on SNL wonder at how the hell he ended up doing Doctor Doolittle and The Klumps.

Michael Jackson as Willy Wonka ( his career Could use a boost)