Casting stones? Not in tolerant America!

Sorry if this is a duplicate thread, but this story made me sick:

Protestors Throw Stones at National Guardsman.

The facts seem a little sketchy to me; I’m suspicious that a group of teenagers count as “protestors” as much as “idiots.” But if they are what the story says, I’d like to drop one of those Wile E. Coyote size boulders on THEM and see how THEY like it.

Stupid bastards.

Wow. Violence in the name of peace.

How sad. It’s people like these who give war protesters a bad name.

IIRC, correctly, that’s how the tragedy at Kent State got started. NOT that I think the National Guard was blameless in that case. But still, what the FUCK?

Isn’t there a general common sense rule that you don’t throw rocks at people with guns? Or piss them off in any way? I’ve never understood why there are so many people who don’t get this.

By the way, I love how Fox News throws the random shot at Howard Dean in there for no apparent reason.

More of the same.

Please, folks, let’s refrain from respecting these assholes by calling them “protestors.” They are nothing but common criminals, no better than those who trashed Oakland after the Superbowl, to use a recent example.

Assholes everywhere:

No, they are ‘protesters’. That they happen to also be criminals is not suprising, judging from the self-righteous attitudes of some of the anti-war crowd around here. But they are the new face of Starbucks-smashing, bongo-playing, America-hating protesters.


As opposed to the self-righteous attitudes of some of the pro-war crowd around here, eh?

No, they are teenage pricks. They do not represent the majority of protesters in America (or around the world for that matter). They did something incredibly stupid, as teenagers are prone to do (though not all teenagers, thank God).

That Fox News picked up the story and ran such a blatantly egregious headline should surprise no one, not even the dim-witted narrow-minded conservatives (though not all conservatives, thank God).

There is a difference between being right and being self-righteous. You’ll learn.

You’re clearly a master of one of them. I ain’t saying which one… :wink:

OK, raise your hand if you saw this one coming? raises hand

I’m here all week. Try the veal.

Throwing stones to try and stop a war which is to create peace is
like fucking someone who’s fucking for virginity?
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My high school history teacher had a great story about a friend of his who taunted a National Guardsman.

It was just after MLK Jr. was shot, and Teach lived in one of the cities that experienced rioting. Teach was a white teenager, as were his pals, and they were out and about and saw one of the guardsmen who had been dispatched. He was just standing wherever he was, looking out for troublemakers, so “Bart”, as I’ll call him, decided to be a troublemaker.

While Teach and the third friend, “Milhouse”, cowered in a doorway, sensible enough not to join Bart in this but not prudent enough to resist watching, Bart got right up in the guardsman’s face and started talking shit. The guardsman kept a stone face for about two minutes, then reached for his bayonet.

Bart backed off, turning even whiter, but the guardsman held out the bayonet, pressing its point lightly but firmly against Bart’s throat. “You wanna get out of here?”

Bart stepped back again and scurried off, followed by Teach and Milhouse (and probably with some dampness in his drawers). The other two ragged him for a few minutes, then went to get high or something.