Castle 1/6/2014

Did anyone watch Castle last night?

There was a moment there when Castle broke the 4th wall and looked into the camera. I don’t remember the exact question that Beckett asked but it had something to do with fire, and Castle just looks directly into the camera. Was there a Firefly reference there that I missed? Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

Tivo caught the episode, so I’ll watch it this afternoon and get beck to you. I’ll look carefully.

Nothing will ever beat the Halloween reference, however.

“Didn’t you wear that like 5 years ago?”

“I like it.”

And then the daughter says “time to move on”

There was a second greatest reference in the SciFi convention episode…

There was also the episode when Castle revealed his inexplicable ability to speak Chinese. When Beckett asked him about it, he said learned it from a show he used to love.

Saw the episode tonite - I don’t think that was a ‘4th wall’ moment or a reference - earlier in that scene would have been a more opportune time.

I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t find a joke to ‘get’, but I sure thought he looked directly into the camera in a way to communicate with the viewers.

That’s my take as well. If it was reference, it missed me completely.

he definitely seemed to - I just don’t think it was ‘intentional’ at that point.

Don’t forget about season five’s “The Final Frontier” which is an entire episode devoted to poking fun at Firefly with in-jokes and winks.

Not just Firefly. They take aim at any number of SF shows.

A couple weeks ago they had a Los Angeles city flag in the background. Just thought I’d bring it up.

Was this the Halloween episode or another one?

It’s another one, directed by (and with a cameo by) Jonathan Frakes. Here’s a link to a previous post about it.

“The fact remains…that someone…DID…create some sort of…LaserBlaster…”