Castle 12/5 "Cuffed"

Castle and Beckett awake to find themselves lying on a mattress, one hand cuffed to one hand of the other. Where are they? How did they get here? Their memories are hazy.

The team back at the station notices they’re gone and starts looking, meanwhile also investigating a dead body with a time and address written on a paper in his pocket.

Something about the events brings in the Feds (? I think?) and the case moves on.

I really liked the part where the tiger is going to try to eat them

I mean how many shows do stuff like THAT? Arrested Development and the hand-eating seal aside, of course.

Holy shit, the writers really threw Castle-Beckett shippers a bone or twelve. Can’t believe how much innuendo was thrown into an otherwise fairly scary story.

Fun episode–the tiger was great!

I still don’t understand the Texans issue or endgame here - why not just do the buying/selling in TX? why move becket/castle at all - just have them wake up in the empty house.

Its not like the rich folks buying the tigers would care if they have to smuggle them out of tx or ny…

not that I care, mind you - I liked teh episode - you just can’t think about it too much.

This is often true of so many shows. I learned this early and it’s probably why I’m so easily entertained by TV/movies/etc that make other people rip out their hair because of gaping plot holes or illogical stuff.

Is there a lot of international freight shipping out of TX? (Not intended as rhetorical, I really don’t know)

Via the Port of Houston, seems the answer is yes.

Plus NAFTA was expected to create a huge volume of freight on Interstate 35 from Mexico to Canada.

The network recently ordered an extra episode! It must feel pretty unusual for Nathan Fillion to be on a show where the suits are saying, “More, more!” instead of “Uh, didn’t we cancel you already?”

Generally speaking, I’ve found that Castle is pretty good about not having that sort of strangeness. I enjoyed the episode quite a bit, but it did have a few “why the heck?” moments.

In watching the closing credits, I saw a name I recognized. The old lady was played by Deborah Van Valkenburg – she had been one of the co-stars on an early 80s sitcom, Too Close For Comfort. In that show, she played one of Ted Knight’s two daughters, the “smart, cute one”, as opposed to the “sexy, ditzy one”. Man, she hasn’t aged well. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel so old.

Man, I never would have spotted her. She looked nothing like I remember. However, I think that they tried hard to make her less attractive.

Since that picture was taken 2 years ago she either ran afoul of an evil scientist or they used a lot of makeup. :wink:

I agree, Castle is one of the better ones, and I hope I didn’t imply otherwise. But even shows that have a lot of WTF moments, I generally can manage to be entertained by.

Glee is hit and miss for me because it has perhaps a bit too many of those. But I still watch it every once in a while.

You and me, both. I had a poster of Lydia Cornell in a bikini when I was a teenager.

I really enjoy the show Castle.

That being said… is it only me that finds the new captain an annoying bitch to the point of almost ruining the show? I get it, she doesn’t like Castle; but everything out of her mouth is angry hate crap. I couldn’t work for her for a single minute.

When a new captain was coming in I so hoped that they wouldn’t do the cliche - but they did. She doesn’t work for me at all. From the “don’t call me ma’am” to the hard-ass style and every moment of her on screen.

My hope is that they’re actively setting her up in this way, for some sort of change later on (i.e., Castle does something that even she has to admit is brilliant, and she softens towards him, or maybe we learn something about her backstory that explains her better). As it is, I agree, she’s very two-dimensional and annoying at the moment, and if they’re going to do something to make that character more interesting, they better do it soon.

She’s the reason the hub and I teeter back and forth about watching the show…we no likey. She’s a wench. She was in 24 as the President’s wife at one point and we didn’t like her then, either.