Castle - 2 part return

Castle was very good tonight. They’ve turned up the heat between Beckett and Castle. The cliff hanger ending grabbed my attention. I guess spoiler tags are need to discuss specifics.

The explosion in Beckett’s apartment was massive. Are there any rumors that the actresses is leaving? I don’t see how they can claim Beckett didn’t get hurt. The bomb was close enough for her to see it.

One thing that bugs me is the way Castle’s abilities change. I’ve seen episodes where he’s mostly a pain in the butt. Other times he solves Beckett’s case for her. It must be a difficult balance for the writers. Beckett needs to be believable as a police detective. They also can’t have Castle just standing around.

[spoiler]I really, REALLY doubt they would kill off Beckett, and I haven’t heard anything about Stana Katic leaving the show. The whole show is the chemistry between her and Fillion–the departure of either one would kill the show. So while I really liked this episode and I even liked the ending, I can’t really feel too much suspense because there’s just no way Beckett is going to be dead…

My guess is that she jumped into her cast-iron tub at the last moment and that it shielded her from the bomb’s blast.[/spoiler]

I hate how the promo for next week says that NO ONE would have expected the cliffhanger of tonight’s episode.

I have seen at least two different shows that used a character’s apartment getting blown up or burnt down as a cliffhanger or major plot point. One of the shows (Leverage) even did it fairly recently, and it was a lot less expected then. At least the character on Leverage who delivered the bomb hadn’t been profiled as an arsonist like on Castle.

I don’t know. My wife and I both watch Castle and love Fillion’s character. Though, I followed him from Firefly/Buffy, and my wife from desperate housewives.

But, we both think that Beckett is the weak point in the show. I get who she is trying to be, I just don’t really buy it. But, at this point in the show, I guess I’ve gotten used to her and wouldn’t be able to accept the same kind of tension with a new character. Especially not the FBI agent that they introduced. I’m guessing she miraculously survived.

No way Beckett dies. My wife thinks it’s a set-up to trick the killer. I think she dived back into the tub.

In any case (about FBI chick)

The FBI chick is supposed to be a semi-recurring character, with at least one more appearance scheduled this season, I hear.

[spoiler]well, the FBI chick is in part 2 …

Beckett didn’t die - Castle’s call actually ‘saved’ her - by giving her time to hear/react to the bomb - like others said, she likely hit the tub for protection, etc and so on.

I do like that the previews didn’t give anything away - most of the time, the previews show the resolution to the cliff hanger (with the supposedly dead char being very much alive).

I do like how no one else must live in Beckett’s building - no one else noticed the body at the doorstep?


My first instinct about the cliff-hanger was

Beckett wasn’t at home. She checked herself into a hotel for some pampering after the stress of being the center of a madman’s obsessive fantasy. Castle called her cell, not her home phone.

But I’ll admit that I don’t watch often enough to recognize if that was her apartment or not.

Well, she won’t be hanging around Wisteria Lane, as she will be seeing Paris.

Here is my wild-assed guess about what happens in the second part. Spoilered if anyone thinks hiding speculation is necessary:The whole “psycho Nikki Heat fan” thing is a charade. The killer is really out to show up Agent Jordan Shaw, by creating a case she’ll fail to solve. Maybe someone who flunked FBI academy and has a grudge against herUnless I’m completely wrong of course. :slight_smile:

I’m not gonna try to guess what’s going to happen… although I do think it’s unlikely Beckett is dead. I do like that they didn’t show her at all in the previews for next week- you gotta love it when shows have a cliffhanger where someone might be dead, and then you see them alive in the previews for the next episode.

However, Whedonverse spotting! The black FBI assistant was Gunn, from Angel! Good to see him getting work. Wonder if they’ll do any sort of in-joke nod to his previous show?

Sheeeet. There were only 2 black dudes in the Whedonverse, and you got the wrong one. The Fibbie was played by Leonard Roberts, who played Riley’s bud Forrest on BtVS. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I needed a hell of a lot of proof that they’re not going to kill off Beckett, but …

I was reading an article the other day about how their hired some guy to play a love interest for Beckett for a few episodes. I wonder if he will come into her life to help her get over the attempted bombing?

Or something like that. Becket had only a towel, and Castle’s daughter gave him a coat as he left, so he’s ready to give it to her when he finds her.

Loved the bit about the pancakes.

No way Beckett’s dead. Castle’s a fun show, but it’s not a risk-taker. At most she’ll wind up in intensive care, Castle and Shaw solve the case, and Beckett’s just coming out of recovery at the start of season 3.

I still enjoyed the hell out of this episode. Agent Shaw wasn’t a total witch and is actually pretty likeable. And I constantly get a kick out of how everyone just assumes they’re getting it on and aren’t afraid to mention it. “Witness refuses to cooperate. :cool:

Finally watched it.

I know it’s a small moment in relation to the cliffhanger, but I loved “There’s an app for that?” (The fingerprint transmitter.) And all the kerfuffle about pancakes.

One odd question though. If the eggs had gone bad, then did she have some just-add-water pancake mix lying around? Because otherwise, as far as I know, pancake batter requires an egg.

Could be. As someone with similar eating habits, I try to keep up with fresh food, but I also try to stock stuff that will never go bad, or at least will take a long time to go bad, just so I have something to fall back on if I decide to make something to eat and all the fresh food has gone bad.

Doesn’t everybody have shake and mix pancake mix in the pantry? The stuff is a life-saver.

Great episode. They really ramped up the tension with this one. And I found myself really liking Dana Delaney’s character.

I think my favorite part was Rayn asking Beckett (with the huge smile), “So what time did you and Mr. Castle go to bed last night?” :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I would like it better if Beckett was dead – the cheesy cliffhanger ending and the obligatory expository scene that shows us how she avoided being dead will just annoy me.

On the other hand, I have no desire to actually see her go, I like her well enough as a character.