Castle 12/5 "Cuffed"

I like her.

Her job is to tell them ‘just get it done’, like there’s not a cop process or procedure or anything.

Beckett gets a little playful at the end there. Nice.

THAT’S where I knew her from!!! Thank you! :smack:

You might also know her as Benjamin Sisko’s squeeze on Deep Space Nine.

Yes! That too! It’s all coming back to me!

It’s funny…when we were watching the season premiere, and they introduced the character, my wife was asking the same thing (“why do I recognize her?”) I was online at that point, and looked it up on IMDB.
24, President Palmer’s evil wife.”
“Ohhh, yeah!”
Deep Space Nine, Sisko’s girlfriend.”
“Nah, don’t remember that.”

I thought it was a good episode. The tiger completely took me by surprise, and they unfolded the plot well.

The only moment where I really couldn’t suspend disbelief was the two of them standing on top of the box as the tiger tried to get at them. First of all, if the box was light enough for the two of them to stand it up, the tiger would easily knock it down. Secondly, the tiger could easily jump high enough to get them.

Aside from that, I quite enjoyed it.

Not like they were spoiled for options.

To be fair, Beckett did comment that the tiger could get at them easily, and was just toying with them.

Maybe I dozed off for a moment. When they finally opened the box didn’t they find it full of knives and chains? What happened to those?

They dumped them on the floor to make the box light enough to move.

They were butchers tools to help feed the lions -

And yet the box was still too heavy to move quickly enough to contain the tiger but light enough to stand on end?

The episode did have quite a bit of dialog that made me laugh :slight_smile:

Ok, so a lot of chains and knives. Not exactly foolproof tiger defense but certainly better than being barehanded and slapping the tiger in the face a few times with a chain might keep it from leaping up to them.

They couldn’t have lifted that enormous chain on top of that box without making it fall over, if they could lift it at all.

It was jut one 800 foot long length of chain? I assumed they were appropriate for restraining/leashing animals.

But even if so, they should have taken some big ass cleavers with them. But then, of course, the whole set up was ridiculous. They just wanted to use a tiger.

They did have knives earlier in the scene, but I guess they needed both hands empty to get up on the box.