cat advice requested - growth on toe

Kitty is going back to the vet so I’ll get the pro input but until then…

Back in April my kitty had this weird growth on the top of his toe where his ‘knuckle’ is. It looked like a swollen pimple, all pink and shiny. Vet first tried antibiotics to see if it was some sort of an infection, it did not go away at all and actually got a little larger. Then he said it was probably some sort of benign tumor and they removed it.

It’s starting to grow back again. Already. His paw just healed up from the surgery! As you can imagine the surgery and subsequent care was traumatic for kitty and owner, and expensive (for the owner, not the kitty. He has no money). It doesn’t seem to bother him at all, he does not walk any different, doesn’t mind if we touch it, he eats and plays and looks shiny and healthy (other than the weird toe growth of course).

What could it be? Is it maybe the kitty version of a wart? I know those can be persistent and hard to get rid of on people. I don’t have extra cash to throw around, so I want to make sure whatever this is gets taken care of this time. If it didn’t look so nasty, and if I didn’t worry that I was not taking proper care of him, I’d ignore it… he seems healthy and happy in all other aspects.

Anyone ever deal with anything like this before?

Was any lab work done on the removed growth?

I believe so but my husband, who is not home at the moment, has more of the details. I do recall it being done and coming back as no big deal so I put it out of my mind until I saw it starting again.

I’ll come back with more details when I can.