I have a growth on my chest

It has teeth, hair and nails.

I remove it but it just keeps coming back and it’s growing every day.

I hope it’s not a teratoma.

Ack! It’s alive!!!
I like the looks of it. Maybe you should consider it a unique accessory.

A growth like that needs a name.


I was considering cutting a slit on a shirt and doing a little movie of him bursting out of my chest like the alien.

You’re probably catastrophizing, and I think you’ve miscategorized it. I think you should gather it all up - the whole kit & caboodle - and go down to the lab and see if you can get a CAT scan. (Maybe the black lab.) :wink:

PS - on your way, don’t litter. :slight_smile:

Careful, a video like that could shock somebody
into catalepsy.

Do you have a ‘Catscratch fever’ with your condition?



Tiny Attorney?

Oh Dear God it’s growing bigger!

Gotta be careful, those things can get out of hand.

That is a somewhat unsettling clip.

Yep, it’s malignant!

This is just the catalyst I need to take better care of my health.

Does it drag you into the litter box?

Oh Og! WHY did I google teratoma?

Nice cat

You paw thing. You’re not kitten, that’s a heckuva growrth. But I’m sure the doctor will cat it right off, they just love to play with their lasers. I hope you’re feline supurrb again real soon.

I thought you weren’t going to let not-your-kitten in the house? :smiley:

He’s adorable!

A Teratoma is a germ cell tumor and it may be present as a painful lump. I hope what you have is not similar to what I heard. Just have it diagnosed by your doctor to lessen your worries.

Whoosh? Click on her link.